About a week ago, Bungie addressed concerns about “Destiny 2’s” so-called “you had to be there” moments as it talked about contents getting removed from the game. This alongside some clarifications regarding matchmaking. Such player’s concern was recently addressed by the developer and this time, it talks about this year’s Solstice event and its contents. They also responded to a player’s suggestion about activity matchmaking.

A Guardian’s prediction about this year’s Solstice

The post from Reddit user Olgrateful-IW has been getting some traction over on the game’s subreddit where it talked about the above-mentioned summertime event in the online-only shooter.

The OP predicts that Bungie is going to pretend that they are doing their player base a favor by letting them re-earn Solstice armor from previous years as ornaments and later on, act somewhat puzzled by the time players are upset that they have to grind for old stuff that in fact should already own. He even pointed out that such a prediction has already happened in Iron Banner.

Not this season or even the next

The OP post caught the attention of Community Manager Dmg and responded to his post, though he stated that he was not satisfied with the reply given by Dylan. According to Dmg, the dev team “has been digesting feedback” regarding Solstice armor (from years one and two). He then stated, however, that he doesn’t have any information about its status adding that this will not be addressed this season or even the next.

His answer was pretty much irked “Destiny 2” players on the subreddit as it was evident with the downvotes it’s been getting.

On activity matchmaking

Cozmo, on the other hand, took notice of the suggestion by u/mwelsh2035 that instead of turning matchmaking off for “Destiny’s” high-power activities, the developer can just a minimum power to queue.

The OP also highlighted that activities like the Sundial do not require heavy team play adding that one just needs to have power levels that are high enough. In line with this, there’s also feedback from another player that triumphs that have LFG requisites on them should not be included in seasonal titles/seals.

The community manager assured that the pitch (including the LFG part) will be passed on to “Destiny 2’s” dev team, though he explained that whenever they decide on which activity in the game will have matchmaking enabled, they take into consideration the amount of coordination required. Further, Cozmo stated that “locked loadouts, champions, and extinguish all factored into having Legend Sundial require matchmaking” albeit the fact that its power is not at the power cap.