The "Destiny 2" community has stumbled upon numerous glitches and exploits this season and some of them even dub it the season of glitches. With that in mind, one of the game’s World First raiders encountered a new glitch in the online-only shooter that is truly game-breaking.

Ehroar’s discovery

Four-time World First raider Ehroar first discovered the glitch which allows players to inflict an insane amount of damage in a single melee. He, later on, discovered that it’s also possible to perform those glitched melees for as many times as player pleases.

It may well seem that the gears in the game that have damage stacks and timers are affected by it.

In his recent upload on his YouTube channel, he showed how the exploit can be done on both Titan and Warlock. For Warlocks, their Exotic Gauntlets – Winter’s Guile - has this perk known as Warlord’s Sigil that increases melee damage via melee kills. Eliminating five enemies will eventually max out the buff, though it will only last for five seconds. However, to remove the five-second timer, one can just simply remove the armor piece and re-equip it. This trick will keep all the damage stacks a player has without the timer.

These stacks can also be stored using the exploit. Per YouTuber Cheese Forever, if players want to keep getting melee eliminations, but they don’t want to worry about switching armor, Guardians can just take off the Exotic, get those melee kills, and by the time the buff is needed, put the gear back on.

All of the saved damage stacks will still be there.

It’s still there

The same premise applies to Titan. Players can perform the glitch with the Wormgod Caress equipped. At the time of writing, however, Bungie tweeted that the Exotic gauntlets have been temporarily disabled in the game until they roll out a fix for it. Cheese quickly pointed out, though, that the pre-Shadowkeep version of the armor piece is still usable inflicting the same insane amount of damage.

Another Titan Exotic – the Synthoceps - can also be stacked. Simply switch from Wormgod to Synthoceps.

The latter’s buff will last even after a player takes it off. Next, is to equip the Telesto and grenade it three times with Roaring Flames or get three ability eliminations. Switch back to the Wormgod. When all three buffs are there, combine it with the One-Two Punch. Results are pretty devastating on the receiving end as it can inflict over a million damage towards regular enemies and close to a million on bosses, according to Cheese. He added that “Destiny 2” players can make quick work of Savathun with the glitch. Be reminded, however, that the glitch goes away once the player changes zones or gets killed.