There have been several controversies that plagued “Fortnite: Battle Royale’s” competitive scene as some of them involve pro players getting caught cheating during a match. Another one may have just been revealed after the pro known as Khanada claims to have colluded with Tfue during the game’s tournament.

Some serious revelation by Tfue’s duo

The revelation happened during Kreo’s (Nate Kou) stream, where Khanada (Leon Khim) told fellow pro player Bucke (Logan Eschenburg) that he and Tfue (Turner Tenney) teamed on them during the tournament. Bucke was understandably irked upon learning it, though Khanada, later on, retracted that it’s a joke.

Bucke’s response

Fortnite” YouTuber Thatdenverguy covered the said story and asked Bucke’s side to which the “Fortnite” pro replied that he’s busy and probably won’t have time to talk. Bucke pointed out, however, that Parpy (Abdullah Khudeish) and Tfue played together at TwitchCon and are friends. He further explained that Parpy assured them that he wouldn’t be going Retail, though later on announced that he and Tfue are playing together at TwitchCon, drops in Retail, not to mention that they (Bucke and his duo) get shot mid-air every game.

Bucke also stated that they changed their glide routes to match Parpy and Tfue’s because they believe that they are getting beamed due to bad glides. The pro stated that Khanada is part of his trio, adding it hurts him because he and Khanada are super good friends.

In another message, Bucke asked Denver if he was able to watch the vod. He stated that it’s pretty sure that if what Khanada said to him was a joke, he would have said it after they are already arguing for five minutes, adding that what he (Khanada) just revealed seemed pretty serious.

Khanada says it was just a joke

When asked by Denver on his side of the story, Khanada replied that he was just joking because he was getting roasted by Bucke.

He also said, that why would he message Parpy as to who Tfue is beaming that time. He went on to say that he was just a nobody back then and doubts that Parpy even follows him on social media.

According to the YouTuber, both parties have already straightened things up and are both okay now. Denver then advised Khanada to be very wary in making collusion jokes since Epic Games is cracking down on cheaters in “Fortnite,” not to mention that the developer recently updated their rules in the battle royale shooter’s competitive scene.

For the uninitiated, Epic Games posted a blog post a few days back detailing Competitive “Fortnite’s” collusion rules. It’s now in full effect in the game, and those who’ll get caught violating it will be slapped with a teaming/collusion penalty.