Epic Games, alongside Twitch Rivals, recently hosted the charity event dubbed "Fortnite Streamer Bowl" where well-known “Fortnite” pros and streamers were paired with equally popular NFL players as they compete for $500,000. Something happened to Twitch star Turner “Tfue” Tenney after the event, however, as he revealed over on social media that he got robbed.

Tfue got robbed

Just hours after the "Fortnite Streamer Bowl," Tfue took to Twitter saying that he was robbed. Details were pretty scarce during that time, though he made a follow-up tweet about it.

In the follow-up tweet, the streamer stated that he was fine but the guys who stole from him ran away with his AP.

Quite an expensive watch

For the uninitiated, the “AP” that he’s referring to is an Audemars Piguet watch. According to Dexerto, it’s a Royal Oak AP Arabic Dial that was stolen from Tfue. The website believes that a similar make and model costs tens of thousands of dollars adding that it could go as much as $40,000 for the 33 carats.

At the time of writing, no additional details were given by Tfue about the incident, though it is fairly certain that it will be investigated by authorities. It was also noted that it happened after the popular “Fortnite” streamer, alongside Arizona Cardinals’ quarterback Kyle Murray, finished second place at the event and secured $80,000 for charity.

He was also hailed the tournament MVP for showcasing his exceptional skills throughout the competition.

Cheating allegations at the 'Fortnite Streamer Bowl'

Still, on the 'Fortnite Streamer Bowl' charity event, a lot of FNBR fans and followers of streamer NickEh30 are pretty much aware, by now, of the content creator’s alleged cheating during the tournament.

Fans were clearly disappointed about it and a lot of them took to social media to express their two cents.

A clip showing the incident was shared by several Reddit users with one of them stating that NickEh30 planned to cheat in Game 3 of the charity event. The OP further explained that the streamer “knowingly landed” outside the allowed zone telling his partner – Minnesota Vikings Tight End David Morgan - that it’s ok because they’ll only get a warning.

He can even be heard saying, “what if we stretch out a little more.” “There are no POIs that are nearby, that’s the only problem.”

As mentioned, a lot of players were pretty much disappointed with what they saw. Some of them even believe that the “Fortnite” pro Chap (Ryan Chaplo) should have won the tourney if it weren’t for Nick’s deed.

There were others who defended “Fortnite,” though it got some backlash from other players. NickEh30, on the other hand, has yet to address the issue.