"Fortnite Battle Royale" players got a new season of the game on February 20 and they are still discovering the new things that it has brought. Besides the new Battle Pass, several map changes and gameplay adjustments, the new season has also brought a few new bugs, unfortunately. While some of these bugs do not ruin the gameplay, a couple of them have affected millions of players, such as the editing bug or aim assist inconsistency.

The good news is that Epic Games, the "Fortnite Battle Royale" developer, recently released a patch which fixes some of the biggest issues with the game.

The developer has fixed the issue with editing and sprinting, as well as aim assist problems. The latest "Fortnite" patch was released on all platforms on Tuesday, February 25, around 9 AM Eastern Time.

The patch has fixed the biggest problems that came with the start of the new season

The v12.00 patch which brought Chapter 2, Season 2 was big and it has added a lot of new content. Data miners have also found some other interesting things that the developer has added to the game data, and some of them may be released in the upcoming update. However, controller players have complained about aim assist consistency, which has been one of the biggest issues that came with the new season. In addition to it, editing was interferring with sprinting when the season just came out, which is another problem that was solved with the latest patch.

When the season was just released, many controller players complained about inconsistency of aim assist, and some of them even claimed that it is possible to aim through walls. Fortunately, a lot of players have reported the issue, so Epic Games was able to figure out what's wrong with it and release a fix for it. The aim assist inconsistency fix came out with the small February 25 update, which can also be seen on the Trello board.

Besides aim assist, a lot of players were also affected by the bug which would cause issues with editing while sprinting. Epic Games fixed this problem on PC on February 21, and the latest update has brought the fix on all platforms. Furthermore, the video game developer has fixed the issues where a corrupted style of the Scratch outfit wouldn't be shown in the lobby and when players would lose controller input while entering Maya's Upgrade Vault.

Next update

"Fortnite Battle Royale" players are hoping for another update this week. Season 1 of Chapter 2 did not have many updates, and players are definitely expecting much more in the new season. Considering that data miners have found a lot of new things in the game data, we can expect Epic Games to potentially release a content update on Thursday, February 27.