Fortnite: Battle Royale” players are well-acquainted with the cheating controversies that plagued its competitive scene. Epic Games addressed it in their recent blog post where the developer detailed the changes that they’ve made. Pro players immediately threw in their two cents about the update and a lot of them are not happy with these changes.

Be mindful of your pickaxe swings and jumps

Epic’s “Signaling Update” noted that moving forward, they’ll beef up their efforts in keeping an eye on cheaters in the game and they introduced a list of things that are deemed bannable.

The “Communication” part of the blog post seems to be a bit confusing to players, however, as it listed toy tossing, emoting, pickaxe swinging, and jumping as serious offenses. For the uninitiated, these are the most common methods used by players to communicate with others during a match.

‘Fortnite’ pros are not happy

Well-known “Fortnite” pros like Mixer streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins took to social media to express their concerns about these new changes. He tweeted that he understands what Epic is trying to relay to its player base, though he pointed out the scarcity of mobility in the game.

Benjy David Fish – a.k.a. BenjyFishy also had the same sentiment as he stated that the new rules will not work unless movement is added back into the game.

In previous seasons, “Fortnite” has introduced numerous mobility items in the battle royale shooter like the Quadcrasher, Driftboards, Stormwings, and Ballers. Those were all removed and the only way to get around the map quickly is through the now-disabled boats.

Epic Games has temporarily removed Ziplines in the game due to several issues, adding that they will re-enable it on their next update. The developer also noted that the “Fortnite” Challenge - “Use a Zipline in different locations will be auto-completed.

Epic stated that the changes are now in full effect which means that all of “Fortnite’s” upcoming tournaments will have these new rules enforced.

It needs to be highlighted, however, that albeit the fact that those methods were listed on the game’s new Competitive ruling, it doesn’t mean that a player will immediately be struck with the banhammer once it is used. One can only get into trouble if it is evident in-game that they are trying to communicate with another player using one of the above-mentioned methods.

The “Fortnite” community is now musing on how Epic will carry out this new set of rules in competitive mode. Games Radar noted that the developer could “revisit” the policies they’ve just implemented and whether they should make it clearer to their player base or overhaul it entirely.