The rivalry between massive “Fortnite: Battle Royale” pros Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins may have gone to a whole new level after the former called out the latter to a fight alongside the allegation that the Mixer star “tried to ruin” his career. Ninja clapped back as he addressed the challenge and the allegation that hurled at him.

‘Ninja, fight me, bro fight me’

Sparks come flying a few days back when a hacker wormed his way into Ninja’s Twitter account as one of the tweets challenges Tfue to a fight. Fortunately, Ninja was able to regain access to his account and even uploaded a video addressing the situation.

Hacked or not, Tfue didn’t let this one pass, though.

In his recent YouTube upload, he revealed that the Mixer streamer has been trying to tear him down and even accused Ninja of trying to get him permanently banned from Twitch. Tfue added that he’s long been aware that Blevins doesn’t like him and said that he’s now giving Ninja the opportunity to tear him down in the ring. He doesn’t even care whether the fight is an MMA or a boxing match as long as they get it on.

Before he ended the video, Tfue went on roasting Ninja about his move to Mixer saying, “you crawl off to Mixer even more and die even harder like you need to get your numbers up, let’s do this fight. You need it more than I do. Ninja, fight me bro, fight me.

This is your chance, let’s run it.”

Tfue using it as a ‘publicity stunt’

Back to Twitter, Ninja responded to Tfue stating that he has no interest in such challenge. He also said that he doesn’t hate the Twitch streamer nor he does not want Tfue to fail. What grinds his gears, however, was that Tenney using his Twitter getting hacked as a publicity stunt adding that it was something “nobody deserves to deal with.”

There was one fan who commented that Tfue was just joking around to which Ninja replied that what he’s trying to point out is that their drama is just giving the hacker some clout and attention.

It would also smear his name since he didn’t tweeted those and not everyone knows that he got hacked.

‘Fortnite’ pro hinting at something ‘insane’

As of writing, Tfue made a tweet asking fans to retweet his post if Blevins dodged the challenge. Also, the “Fortnite” pro is hinting at something stating that the “most insane announcement is coming soon” that was followed by another tweet noting that “something big is about to drop.” Whatever that is, he surely made his followers guessing.

Even his Valentine’s date and makeup guru James Charles reacted to his tweet. Fellow “Fortnite” player Ghost Aydan jokingly tweeted that he (Tfue) married Charles and even went on congratulating him at the same time.