After months of waiting, the “Fortnite: Battle Royale” player base finally received the game’s second season for Chapter 2 and just like any other content drops, data miners raced anew to see what’s more within the game files. That said, it looks like another well-known celebrity will be getting his own skin in the BR shooter.

Travis Scott skin in ‘Fortnite’

Leaker Lucas7yoshi (@Lucas7yoshi) stumbled upon a string of codes a few days back suggesting that a Travis Scott cosmetic could be in the works. According to the data miner, “a Travis Scott cosmetic was added in the v12.00 update.” He also stated that it may well seem to confirm that the artist and “Fortnite” will have an upcoming collaboration, though the details are still scarce at the moment.

Lucas believes that it could be a skin alongside some other items since “CosmeticSets” is indicated in the string.

Epic Games previously announced “Fortnite’s” Icon Series where popular personalities from gaming, music, film, and fashion collide. Dexerto noted that Travis Scott would make perfect sense due to his ties to “Fortnite” adding that he played a big part in the game’s overall growth. It can be recalled that back in March of 2018, both Ninja and Drake teamed up and Travis Scott played alongside them.

The developer hasn’t announced anything yet about such collaboration. Both “Fortnite” and Travis Scott fans will definitely be on the lookout for updates on this one.

Locker loadouts and Shouts

Another data miner – HYPEX (@HYPEX) also came across with a different string of codes where it seems to hint at the possibility that a so-called locker loadout feature could be making its way to “Fortnite BR.” In his tweet, the leaker also stated that players can even give a loadout name and favorite them.

He even posted a concept image on how it might look like in the game.

He recently took to Twitter to revealed that updates v12.10 and v12.20 were already being tested and speculated that the “Fortnite” community could weekly updates again. Further, he explained that “if Epic does it, it will keep the current season’s hype for weeks.”

In line with these, leakers were also able to dig up a roster of emotes that would allow them to shout at someone in the game.

These yet to be released “shouts” include:

  • Leeroy Jankens
  • 1v1v1v1
  • Highground (It’s Over)
  • BughaBow (Bow 2 Bugha)
  • Gosh (OMG)
  • Do this
  • Get to the choppa
  • Dang

HYPEX also claims that the Deadpool skin in “Fortnite” has a yet to be released animation where the Marvel superhero’s just sitting on his toilet in his hideout. Be reminded, however, that albeit these new “Fortnite” leaks that are currently circulating on the web, these are still subject to change and should be chewed on with some pinches of salt.