New content in “Fortnite: Battle Royale” is pretty hard to come by these days as popular content creators and players believe that the game just flatlined on them. Massive YouTuber Lannan “LazarBeam” Eacott is just one of them where he recently uploaded a video explaining himself as to why he hasn’t been playing Epic Games' BR shooter.

LazarBeam’s thoughts

Albeit being the 11th day of the month, LazarBeam did what he calls a “month review” where he talks about what happened to him during the past month. As mentioned, one of the things that he addressed was “Fortnite’s” lack of content as he kept on getting questions about it from fans.

Per his response, he said that “there is absolutely no content in that game, it doesn’t exist.” Further, he explained that he would love to make “Fortnite” content, though at the moment, “there is straight-up nothing.” Lazar then revealed that he was supposed to record a video, but thought to himself that it would have been good if there were launchpads in the game. He went on to say that cool items in the battle royale shooter would definitely make a big difference adding that it allows content creators like him to expand their content and get creative. He added that if there’s no content coming in (which is exactly what’s happening in the game right now), how can one think outside the box as there is only so far one can stretch.

He made it clear, however, that he still loves the game as he showed off his creator code (code lazar) tattooed on his arm. Until a new update has been rolled out by Epic, he feels that the “Fortnite” community is attending its funeral.

Ninja on ‘Fortnite’s’ mobility

Even Mixer streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins said in one of his streams that he’s no longer having fun playing the game after he encountered a series of lags and FPS drops while playing the game.

He also called out its storm circle that according to him is as of late quite difficult to reach due to the game’s map size, not to mention the lack of mobility items like the now-removed Baller.

In his recent tweet, he stated that now that the above-mentioned elements have affected “Fortnite’s” zone pulls, he suggested to add more mobility in the game or at least have a “less dramatic zone pulls.” Those who saw the tweet, however, responded to him as they pointed out that he previously said that the game was fine without mobility.

There are others who suggested to either just play a game other than “Fortnite” or don’t play the game at all. A thing that he expected to see down in the comments right after he posted the tweet.

Another “Fortnite” streamer – Thomas “72hrs” Mulligan also threw in his two cents about the game replying to YouTuber thatdenverguy that the game currently sucks. The Team Liquid member added that the game might come back once Epic announces something big about their game like another World Cup, but until then, there’s nothing left to do in the game.