Massive “Fortnite: Battle Royale” streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins finally got his very own skin in the game and it’s now available in the Item Shop. Another yet to be confirmed skin has the BR shooter’s player base talking about it as it is believed to be a new iteration of the Galaxy skin.

Could be a ‘Fortnite’ Galaxy skin

Dataminers went on a mad dash digging “Fortnite’s” game files to unearth the new cosmetics that went alongside Update v11.40. Twitter user FNLeaksAndInfo (@FNLeaksAndInfo) tweeted out a couple of images of what could be the new Galaxy skin.

The OP believes that the recently datamined “Fortnite” skin dubbed as Iris could be the skin for the upcoming Samsung S20 and S11 mobile phones that will be officially revealed during the Korean giant’s Galaxy Unpacked event. FNLeaks further explained that the IKONIK skin has the same color pattern as Iris’ adding that IKONIK has recently ended the cosmetic’s beta version.

Samsung Netherlands’ Twitter page, on the other hand, tried to pacify the talks that have been going around about the leaked skin. Per its recent tweet, the company stated that they’ve already checked, but they don’t have any information yet about the cosmetic in question. The employee also stated, however, that the Iris “looks good” followed by a winking emoji which pretty much suggests that the Samsung staff knows something.

He went on suggesting to tune in to the Unpacked event that will be happening on Tuesday, February 11 and teased that they might announce something about a new skin.

Another “Fortnite” dataminer – arkheops (@itsarkheops) tweeted that the tech company’s response is already proof that the Iris skin will be a promo for their above-mentioned handsets.

He stated that “it has no ‘Featured’ render and it’s not within ‘FeaturedItems,’” not to mention that it “has no source.”

Just like any other leaks, it’s important to chew on these with pinches of salt until it’s being confirmed by both Epic Games and Samsung themselves. Players will just have to wait and speculate.

Ninja skin’s unique feature

Going back to the new Ninja skin, players have noticed an interesting feature while using the first item in “Fortnite’s” Icon Series.

Per a recent Reddit post, it looks like the more eliminations a player gets the character’s yellow headband grows in length. Dexerto also noted that while the headband’s length caps out at 10 eliminations, achieving such elim streak will make the apparel glow.

As mentioned, the Ninja Set is now available in “Fortnite’s” Item Shop. Alongside the skin’s four variants, players will also get a Back Bling (Ninja’s Edge), a Ninja Style Emote (Pon Pon dance), and the Dual Katanas Pickaxe. Epic also revealed that they’re also slated to release a couple more on their Icon Series featuring Loserfruit and TheGrefg.