"Fortnite Battle Royale" players have entered the final weeks of Chapter 1, Season 2. The first season of the new chapter kicked off in October 2019, and its original ending date was supposed to be in December 2019. However, Epic Games had decided to postpone it for early February 2020 before extending it one more time. The new end date is February 20, and players cannot wait to see what the new season is going to bring to the game.

In the meantime, players are busy doing Overtime challenges and unlocking additional styles for Battle Pass skins.

However, "Fortnite Battle Royale" still has some annoying bugs that ruin gameplay for players, and they are hoping these bugs will be fixed very soon. Most recently, players have discovered a game-breaking emote glitch, which allows enemies to get some quick eliminations.

Using emotes can paralyze 'Fortnite' players

Reddit user millk_man has posted a video of the game-breaking "Fortnite Battle Royale" glitch on February 2. The player showed the clip of his gameplay where he gets "paralyzed" after using an emote, which turns out to be the issue many other players have been dealing with. At the moment, it is unknown what exactly causes this issue, but it may have come with the v11.40 update since players hadn't been dealing with this problem before it.

In the video, the player lands on top of the water tower in a retail row, right next to an enemy. The enemy starts hitting him with a pickaxe, but the player grabs a Submachine Gun, eliminates the enemy, then tries to do an emote. However, shortly after choosing the emote, the player was stuck on top of the water tower and couldn't move, leaving himself exposed to enemy attacks.

The player was stuck for 10 seconds before he was able to move and continue playing the game.

While emoting after elimination is generally considered to be toxic behavior, this glitch should be fixed soon. It may have something to do with the video game not properly loading right after the landing. The player did not have emote icons, and the gun he was using was not rendered either.

Some players have reported the glitch where they cannot put down traps until their icons finish loading, and there is a chance that both of these problems have the same cause.

Season 2 and physics upgrade

Epic Games is preparing a couple of huge things for "Fortnite Battle Royale" players in the following weeks. Not only does the new season come out on February 20, but players will also get a game engine upgrade, which will be released with the v11.50 patch. At the moment, the exact release date of the patch is unknown, but there is a possibility that it is coming out on Thursday, February 6.