Epic Games has spent over $100 million on "Fortnite Battle Royale" tournaments over the course of the last two years. The video game developer has turned "Fortnite's" PvP mode into one of the most popular esports activities and many players have become rich by playing the game. Fortnite World Cup was concluded in late July 2019, but that did not stop Epic Games from releasing many other competitions with massive prize pools.

While most of the official tournaments are organized in crossplay lobbies, which means that console, mobile, and PC players all compete against each other, the upcoming tournament is exclusive to PlayStation 4 players.

Sony and Epic Games have teamed up to bring a $1 million tournaments in February. The total prize pool will be split among thousands of players and free cosmetic items will also be given out as rewards.

Free cosmetic items in the tournament

The first day of the tournament, which is February 15, will reward the most successful "Fortnite Battle Royale" competitors with free cosmetic items. There will be three different cosmetic items in total, including Tango skin that will be given away to those who finish in the top five percent in all regions. Players who finish in the top 25 percent will receive the Wild Accent pickaxe, while those who finish in the top 50 percent will get the Take Cover spray.

It is important to note that these rewards will be given out to all the qualified players in their respective regions. For example, the top 25 percent of players from Europe will receive the pickaxe, while also the top 25 percent of players from Asia will receive it. In addition to this, top players from every region will return to compete on the second day of the tournament.

Day 2 has cash prizes

The second day of the PlayStation exclusive "Fortnite Battle Royale" tournament will reward players with cash prizes. These prizes will be distributed among players in NA-East and NA-West regions, and 1,500 players will receive a prize. In NA-East, the top 1000 players will get a cash prize, while the top 500 players from the NA-West region will be rewarded as well.

The first-place player in the NA-East region will receive $2,500, while the second place will get $2,000. Everyone who ranks between the 501st and the 1000th place will receive $200. NA-West region will have a smaller prize pool as the top player will receive $1,200, while players who rank from the 251st to 500th place will receive $200 each.

Scoring system

Winning a match will reward players with 10 points in the upcoming "Fortnite Battle Royale" tournament. Finishing between the second and the fifth spot will yield seven points, while players who finish from the sixth to the 15th place will get five placement points. Finally, players who rank 16th to 25th at the end of the match will be awarded three points, and each elimination will count as a single point.