Infinity Ward has finally released the patch for Season 2 of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" on February 11. The patch, which was originally supposed to be released in late January, has brought the new Battle Pass and several changes to the gameplay. As was expected, the Season 2 update was massive, and it required nearly a 70-gigabyte download on PC.

The patch includes a couple of changes to in-game perks, as well as weapon balancing changes. To be precise, there have been changes for 11 perks in the game, and the video game developer has also changed the Crossbow, SA87, and RAM-7.

Let's take a look at all the details of the latest update!

Tier 1 perks

Overkill, the perk that allows "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" players to carry two primary weapons, is no longer in Tier 1. It has switched places with Killchain, which means it has been moved to Tier 2. E.O.D. had its hacking ability removed, and it was added to Spotter perk. Double Time now doubles the recharge time of Tactical Sprint, while Quick Fix had its health generation delay reduced. With the last perk, any kill players get will immediately start health regeneration.

Tier 2 perks

Snapshot grenade immunity has been removed from the Ghost perk to Battle Hardened. The equipment recharge rate for Restock has been changed from 30 to 25 seconds, while Pointman now increases the score gain for Scorestreaks across all game modes.

As it was previously mentioned, Killchain has been moved to Tier 1.

Tier 3 perks

Tune Up had its Field Upgrade cost reduction increased with the latest "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" update, while Spotter has gained hacking ability. Infinity Ward has clarified that the development team is still working on the ability to hack through walls, so we will most likely see more changes in the future.

Battle Hardened has received a couple of changes with the last patch. Besides the Snapshot grenade immunity, it now grants Gas resistance to players who use it. Both slow down and blur are reduced when players are under gas effect, and cough is no longer played when players enter gas.

Weapon balancing changes

Crossbow, the Marksman Rifle added in late January, is no longer able to take Juggernauts down in one hit.

This has been one of the biggest complaints about the weapon, and Infinity Ward has finally fixed it. Furthermore, the game developer has tuned its reload speed and fixed the bug where it wouldn't deal with any damage to Deployable Cover. Players will now also have their kills properly tracked before unlocking the weapon.

SA87 Light Machine Gun had its recoil smoothed out, and its damage increased. RAM-7 will now have 50 bullets in a magazine with extended mags, instead of 45.