"Fortnite Battle Royale players are going to enter the final week of Chapter 2, Season 1 very soon. The second chapter kicked off in October 2019, and its original ending date was supposed to be in December of the same year. However, Epic Games has decided to delay the season-ending twice. First, the ending had been postponed for early February, but then the video game developer postponed it for Thursday, February 20, which is the final release date of the new season.

With less than eight days until the new season, "Fortnite Battle Royale" players don't have many details about what it's going to bring.

The new chaos physics engine upgrade will most likely improve, and we can expect a season-ending event to happen soon, which is something Epic Games has hinted at. Additionally, data miners have found a new weapon in the game data, which suggests that it will come with the release of Season 2.

New 'Fortnite' weapon has been leaked

The first ten seasons of "Fortnite Battle Royale" were much different than Chapter 2 in terms of game updates. During these seasons, Epic Games was releasing weekly updates, bringing new items and features to the game very often. While this was something some players did not like, especially competitive players, it is a big reason why the game has become so popular.

In Chapter 2, there haven't been many new items added to the game. Considering that this has been the longest season in "Fortnite Battle Royale" history, the game developer hasn't released as many updates as players had hoped for. However, that might change with Season 2 of Chapter 2, and it appears that players will get a new weapon with the release of the new season.

Data miner spedicey1 has found a new weapon in the game data. According to the files, the weapon will be a Rapid SMG, but there are not many details about it at the moment. Judging by its name, the new submachine gun will have an increased fire rate, but it will most likely come at the expense of damage or accuracy. The weapon will be released in two variants, Uncommon (green) and Rare (blue).

The season-ending event

The new "Fortnite Battle Royale" season will be released on February 20, but there isn't any information about the season-ending event. However, players have recently noticed an interesting detail on the map, which may hint at the flood event at the end of the season.

Considering that there are many water areas on the map and that there is a huge dam on the island as well, there is a chance that this happens. Additionally, Epic Games has released most of the season-ending events in the final weeks of seasons, so the upcoming event may happen on the last day of the season, just like it was the case with the Season X ending event.