Rumors circulated about another model, for the Nintendo Switch, scheduled for release sometime this year. The latest report, from a Taiwanese online newspaper, DigiTimes, added fuel to the fire. According to DigiTimes, Nintendo is planning to release an updated model, for its hybrid console, later this year. It will be the third iteration to be released in the cycle.

Already in development

A DigiTimes' source claims that the development of the new model will begin at the end of the first quarter of 2020 and is scheduled to be released as early as mid-2020.

The report falls in line with past reports from Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki.

Back in August, Mochizuki reported that Nintendo planned to release another iteration of the Nintendo Switch following the updated Switch SKU and the Switch Lite model that were both released that same year. Mochizuki followed this up recently with another report, claiming Nintendo would release more updated models in the future to increase the life cycle. In addition, the reporter retweeted DigiTimes' report to coincide with his latest tout.

A Switch Pro imminent

In addition to the schedule, the DigiTimes report also claims that the new console will sport a "new magnesium alloy" and an "update to the CPU ".

The latter feature can be seen as one of two things: The CPU will be a slight variation featuring subtle performance tweaks much like the Mariko chip shared by the previous two updated models. Or it's a next-level chip with an advanced configuration for better performance.

While the first scenario is likely to happen, the second scenario is more in-line with the rumors citing a supposed Switch Pro model being in development.

Back in March, the Wall Street Journal reported that two new models of the Nintendo Switch were scheduled for released later that same year; a smaller, mobile-only model and a more powerful one. So far, Nintendo has released the former in the form of the Switch Lite as well as an updated SKU for the base model; both featuring the Mariko CPU mentioned earlier.

Why both scenarios make sense

As illuminated earlier, a simple revision of the Nintendo Switch seems likely given the success of the base and Lite models. Despite their anemic graphical performance compared to more powerful consoles on the market, gamers are satisfied with playing the latest games on the go.

Speaking of games, as software support goes, third party-developers are cranking out new releases for the Nintendo Switch in droves despite the caveats. The most recent and incredible addition to the Switch library was 'The Witcher 3'. It all just means that the Nintendo Switch will continue its avalanche of sales for the coming months if not years.

However, despite the runaway success of these current models, a Switch Pro is a far more welcome addition to the Nintendo Switch family.

Its entry into the gaming market is especially crucial around this time given that the next generation of consoles is already being prepped for showing later this year and are sporting vastly powerful CPU units.

A Switch Pro model capable of outputting 1080p resolution on the go and/or perhaps even 4k on a TV could help the console remain viable in the competitive market. Undoubtedly, things are about to heat up once the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X enter the market sometime between the years 2020 and 2021 as forecasted.