"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" has been one of the most popular Video Games since its release in late October 2019. Infinity Ward has created a good product and many gamers are happy with the video game, despite some of its flaws. The shooter game has been ranked number one in the United Kingdom and the United States at the start of 2020, and its developer is hoping that the game will keep gaining success over the next few months.

However, despite all the good things "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" has brought, it is not a secret that the game has a lot of bugs.

The community has asked Infinity Ward to change some of the things in the game, including some problems with skill-based matchmaking, but not many things have been fixed so far. Most recently, players have discovered an unfair exploit which gives players a big advantage over their enemies.

The exploit has to be fixed soon

The exploit includes having a weapon ready quickly after sprinting. It's the same exploit which existed in "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" and it involves using the slide-cancel mechanic. According to Dillon "Attach" Price, the point of the broken slide-cancel mechanic is to make your weapon readily available to unload onto your enemy.

While the exploit makes a weapon ready only a fraction of second earlier, it is still enough to gain a huge advantage over an enemy.

This is especially important for professional "Call of Duty" players who need the game to be glitch and exploit free in order to play on an even playing field. Ever millisecond counts in a competitive setting, and this is why the exploit has to be fixed soon.

Attach has demonstrated how to perform the exploit, which has received a lot of attention.

His YouTube video, uploaded on January 4, has received over 32,000 views so far and it has gotten attention from some professional players. Two-time world champion Jordan "JKap" Kaplan has posted a tweet on his official Twitter profile, saying that some community members are extremely biased and keep exploits for themselves to gain an advantage over their opponents in tournaments.

How to perform it

To use the slide-cancel mechanic and quick fire at an enemy, players to have start sprinting, double-tap the right analog stick, and while tapping it, press the X/A button on a controller. After doing this, players will have their weapon ready much quicker and they will be able to fire at an enemy and gain the advantage.

If an enemy is using this trick, it is almost impossible to defend against it. The only way to counter it is to pre-fire your weapon. Call of Duty League starts on January 24 and players are hoping that Infinity Ward fixes the exploit before it.