Epic Games has recently rolled out “Fortnite: Battle Royale’s” v11.40 update where it introduced a new mechanic known as Sidegrading alongside other quality of life improvements and bug fixes. In line with this, dataminers have dug up a bunch of upcoming stuff in the game as most of them are cosmetics. There are others who stumbled upon some interesting information about some yet to be confirmed activities in the battle royale shooter.

Box fight Creative Mode in ‘Fortnite’

Reddit user CosmicRhinoceros-PS4 recently took to r/FortniteCompetitive to reveal that Epic could be making several Creative game modes and claims that the developer is making a box fight map that players could queue into.

The OP even provided a couple of screenshots from Discord showing a post from Community Coordinator Stephen Thompson.

According to Thompson’s post (who goes by the handle “TheStevieT”), they are testing a couple of things and they are asking for help and cooperation from the “Fortnite” community for it to be most effective. He explained that they’ll be testing their matchmaking services with a few maps and are asking players to give it a try and provide feedback on it afterward. They even provided four channels for the maps that players can matchmake into:

  • #gun-fight-feedback
  • #gun-game-void-feedback
  • #box-pvp-feedback
  • #tnt-runner-feedback

Thompson also highlighted that the channels will be moderated and their respective creators will be there to respond to players’ constructive feedback.

There was another post from Thompson asking players to provide feedback to one of the map creators (the one who made the Box Fight map). He stated that it is the most played map of that type.

The Reddit post gained a bit of traction among members of the sub, though, there is one who believes that the OP wasn’t supposed to post those screenshots.

The commenter was also doubtful that the Epic devs of whatever Discord server the OP’s a part of would let him do that.

No Solos in FNCS

Meanwhile, “Fortnite” competitive caster and analyst Ballatw (@Ballatw) made a tweet showing a screenshot of what he believes to indirectly confirm the next Fortnite Champion Series will not be Solos.

Balla pointed out that it’s not 100 percent sure, but deemed it as “solid evidence.” If the boxed text is anything to go by, it hints that Epic is trying to resolve an issue that is only relevant in a team mode before the next tournament goes live.

Poki and Fishin’ emotes

Fortnite” dataminers have just uncovered a couple of upcoming emotes and believe that more skins in the game’s Icon Series are in the works.

The emotes in question are called “Poki” and “Fishin’” The former was inspired by a dance by popular streamer Pokimane. In one of her recent tweets, she stated that she’ll be announcing something on her stream and fans speculate that she could also be getting skin in “Fortnite” just like Ninja did.