"Fortnite Battle Royale" was released in September 2017 and ever since then, the video game has conquered the entire world. The free-to-play title has quickly spread all over the globe, and in less than half a year after its release, nearly everyone had known about it. Epic Games has done a fantastic job to advertise the video game and the fact that it is free with constantly weekly updates is what made it even more successful.

Constant collaborations with popular brands, movies, and sports leagues have also boosted the popularity of "Fortnite Battle Royale," and players have more ideas on how the video game developer could make it even more popular.

At the moment, players are required to have an internet connection in order to play "Fortnite Battle Royale." However, the fan concept could take the game to a new level and make it available for gamers who don't have constant access to the internet.

The offline mode would be amazing

Reddit user vandtex has recently shared his concept for "Fortnite Battle Royale" on the video game subreddit. “Play solo matches against bots while offline! Only this mode is available to play while offline. It will be a separate download to save space if you’re not interested,” says the Redditor's post. Considering that players have to be connected during an entire "Fortnite" match, this seems like a great idea.

Furthermore, Epic Games could develop and expand the offline mode and make it available on other modes, such as limited-time game modes or the Creative mode. In addition to it, there is no doubt that the offline mode of "Fortnite Battle Royale" would drastically increase its playerbase. There are many gamers who are not able to have a constant connection in order to play the game.

Also, this feature would allow players to play the game on the go without spending their data.

Of course, playing against bots could get boring after a while, but there is no doubt that Epic Games would find a way to make the game fun. One of the easiest solutions would be allowing players to set difficulty level of bots, and with this, players would be able to practice and sharpen their skills before connecting online and facing off against other players.

The frequency of updates

The offline mode of "Fortnite Battle Royale" most likely would not require constant updates. Epic Games has released many updates for the game and some players simply don't like them and they want to keep the game simple. Taking the game offline would allow players to essentially stay in the current season and play the game without updating it. Additionally, most updates are huge and they consume a lot of data, which is another negative thing.