Destiny 2’s” Season of Dawn is well underway and will officially wrap up in a couple of months. It was revealed that Bungie will be taking away a significant amount of content from the game by the time the next season goes live. That said, the developer recently addressed a player’s concern about the online-only shooter’s contents being removed.

'You had to be there'

The lengthy Reddit post from u/Stewbeef12 over on r/DestinyTheGame has been getting a lot of traction as of late from members of the subreddit as it talked about “Destiny 2’s” “you had to be there moments.” Per the OP, he stated that such moments in the game should not be based on the stuff that got removed from the game, but how it created an impact among the "Destiny" community.

Stew pointed out some of the stuff that was introduced in the game like the TR3-VR (Trevor) encounter during the Zero Hour mission and the Dreaming City being cursed. He went on requesting the developer not to force such moments by taking things away.

Dylan explains why

Community Manager Dmg took notice of it and gave an equally lengthy response to Stew’s post. In his reply, he included a quote from their Season in Destiny 2’s Third Year blogpost where the so-called “you had to be there when...” came from. He highlighted the part of the quote stating that it impossible to keep the game as it is and allow all activities to stay there forever while changing the world in meaningful ways.

Dmg also pointed out another quote from Director Luke Smith in his Director’s Cut: Part III blog post where he also bolded a part of it stating that the game’s simulation, architecture, and fidelity fundamentally make it a huge game.

Smith also stated that he’s encountered a lot of players saying, “game X does it, why can’t Destiny?” to which the game director explained that those games and “D2” have very different technical profiles. Smith’s quote went on stating that he doesn’t think that making a game that grows forever is “Destiny 2’s” path forward.

In his follow up response, Dmg made it clear that Bungie has no intention of forcing those “you had to be there” moments by taking away “Destiny 2’s” contents. He added that they have other stuff to improve on to make such moments more impactful.

SBMM clarification

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, Dmg also addressed a tweet from 100 Thieves’ Gigz a few days back where the pro player believes that skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) was accidentally turned off in ‘Destiny 2’s” Quickplay. According to the community manager, the playlist was made specifically to host connection-based matchmaking (CBMM) with “Shadowkeep’s” launch adding that no SBMM has been intentionally introduced since. He assured the “Destiny 2” community that they’ve already seen feedback over the playlist feeling hidden as this has been passed along accordingly.