Fans of popular “Fortnite: Battle Royale” pro and streamer Turner “Tfue” Tenney may be aware of the aimbotter that has been ruining the content creator’s so-called Tfault Scrims. That said, the streamer has confronted the cheater on his recent livestream, though the kid threatened him with a possible dox.

The confrontation

The confrontation was captured live on January 3 when Tfue and his duo partner Scoped got the chance to talk with the aimbotting teen. By the time the two invited the hacker into their pre-game lobby, Scoped asked the teen as to why he’s doing it to which the player responded that the game is dead.

Tfue then showed a Twitter account that was sent to him that may well seem to have revealed how the aimbotter looks like, though his name is still unknown. Tenney even played a short clip showing a teen mowing the lawn and asked the player if it was him on the video. The kid denied it, but both Tfue and Scoped insisted that it was him (the hacker). The latter can even be heard saying to the hacker, “dude, you look miserable dude.”

The conversation continued and Tenney sensed that the hacker is nervous as he said, “are you nervous? Why are you stuttering?” Tfue continued, “you ruining my content for my viewers is pretty f*cking pathetic if you ask me.” He then asked as to whether the aimbotter’s parents approve of what he’s doing or they don’t have any idea about it.

Doxing threat

Tfue then asked the teen to put his parents on the mic, though the hacker declined saying that they’re at work. The Twitch streamer replied, “no wonder that probably explains why you’re getting away from doing dumb*ss sh*t on the internet.” The hacker answered back that he (Tfue) could just call his parents just like what he did last time to which Tenney said that it wasn’t him.

This is when the kid made the threat saying that whoever did it, “there’s a dox coming very soon.” Albeit the fact that Tfue may have shed some light on who has been ruining his Tfault Scrims, it is yet to be seen if the hacker will continue to mess up his custom games including the doxing threat.

Over a week ago, Tfue’s custom lobby was gatecrashed by the aimbotter that irked the streamer and his viewers.

Scoped got eliminated first, though he already warned Tenney about the hacker. Despite the heads up, he had still fallen victim to the player in question and instantly noticed that the kid was indeed using an aimbot. It was further solidified when he spectated the player’s gameplay as it can be seen how the teen kept nailing shots even on great distances. There was even a part where the hacker healed a teammate in just a few seconds. Tfue then called out Epic Games for even allowing that thing to happen inside his custom game of “Fortnite.”