Another “Fortnite” drama has sparked recently and this time it involved a pro from Luminosity Gaming and a female Twitch streamer. With that in mind, the game’s community has polarizing opinions about it as they’ve posted their two cents over on social media.

Trash talking taken too far

A few days back, a Twitch streamer who goes by the handle Demisxxual tweeted a clip of Luminosity Gaming member and “Fortnite” pro known as Destroy as he can be heard saying discriminatory words towards her. She even tagged both the gaming organization and its founder’s Twitter accounts to call their attention for them to take action to what Destroy said to her during his stream.

In her tweet, Demi also stated that “it’s already tough being a girl in the gaming community.” She added that she plays the game for fun and wagers to get better. She further explained that she was called a b*tch and was told to go “cook him a sandwich” over a game.

She followed it up with another tweet stating that the things that she said to Destroy “was about in-game stuff that everyone does.” The streamer also said that the LG pro took it so personal because she called him an *ss.

Another clip

Demi’s friend – luvstruck – was in the chat during the incident and tweeted the part of the clip where Destroy told Demi to cook him a sandwich.

Demi's friend also called out LG and its founder (Steve Maida) regarding Destroy’s remarks to which the gaming org responded.

Luminosity Gaming's official statement

Per Luminosity’s official statement, they said that they were made aware of it adding that Destroy’s recent comments to Demi were indeed “discriminatory in nature” and it doesn’t represent their values as an organization.

Further, they stated that after investigating the matter, they’ve decided to issue “an undisclosed yet meaningful fine” to their pro player adding that the said fine will then be donated to charity. They ended it apologizing to anyone that got affected by Destroy’s recent remarks.

Destroy, on the other hand, tweeted that he accepts full responsibility for what he said.

He also stated that he needs to hold himself to a higher standard and went on to thank Luminosity for being fair.

As mentioned, the “Fortnite” community has different opinions about what happened between the two. Pro player Yung Calculator tweeted that LG should have dropped Destroy from their organization and even went on calling Destroy “complete trash.”

Meanwhile, LG pro – beehive – defended his teammate and pointed out that Demi also trash talks to provoke reaction, get clips out of context, plays only with well-known “Fortnite” content creators, and is a clout chaser.