Over a week ago, the gaming website of Dexerto claims to have obtained a short clip from an unnamed source that according to them potentially showed “Fortnite” pro and FaZe clan member Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson and his teammates stream sniping through their coach. With that in mind, DestinysJesus (Mongraal’s coach) addressed the allegation during the now-concluded Fortnite Championship Series.

DestinysJesus' response

FaZe Mongraal’s coach took to Twitter to clarify the issue since they have been criticized for it over on social media. Per his response, he called out folks that are “likely to respond with stream sniping jokes” that last week’s finals was already looked at and no actions were taken.

Further, he stated that the FNCS Season Finals for Europe was fully recorded from everyone’s point of view.

Dexerto pointed out, however, that it was noted on Fortnite Champion Series’ rulebook that it’s against the rules for players to receive any sort of outside help - in Mongraal’s case through his coach. The website also quoted that part of the rulebook stating:

“Receiving outside assistance regarding the location of other players, other players’ health or equipment, or any other information not otherwise known to the player by the information on his or her own screen (e.g., looking or attempting to look at spectator monitors while currently in a match).”

The publication also noted that none of FaZe Mongraal’s squad (Nayte, Wolfiez, and Benjyfishy) addressed the stream sniping allegations from the day it was brought to light.

It was just on the coach’s recent tweet that it was first addressed.

How it started

For the uninitiated, it all started when another “Fortnite” pro – Bloodx - tweeted that there were pros during week four of the European semi-finals of FNCS that had coaches on their call while playing matches.

They are looking at the streams of opposing teams and giving out the whereabouts on the map. As mentioned, Dexerto got a short clip showing what Bloodx was pointing out where the voice of Mongraal can be heard. The alleged stream sniping happened before the pro shouted that their squad was griefing the other team.

DestinysJesus’ voice can barely be heard on the video, though, if one will be listening carefully, it can be heard that the coach confirms that it’s a different team and seemingly responded that they are not contested when Mongraal asked. He went on saying that their opponents went on Pleasant.

The video is believed to be part of one of FaZe Mongraal’s YouTube uploads.

However, the video was removed then re-uploaded on the platform (per Dexerto), though the clip in question was allegedly edited out.

Mongraal’s team finished second place and took home $120,000. Meanwhile, Epic has just announced this year’s Winter Royale in “Fortnite” and players are competing for a whopping $15 million.