Fortnite: Battle Royale” has met a plethora of bugs and glitches since its release and these have either annoyed or made its player base use it to their advantage. A new glitch has been stumbled upon by players that allowed them to get pass through an enemy’s structure.

Passing through

Reddit user u/Jrizmo posted a short clip over on r/FortniteCompetitive and this has been getting quite the attention from members of the said subreddit. Per the clip, it showed how he phased through an opponent’s build and eventually eliminating the other player.

If the video is anything to go by, it may well seem that building a flat wooden block to any side of the ceiling of an enemy structure and editing it in half would trigger the exploit.

Right after the OP has connected his edited build, with just a few chops, he was able to drop inside the box. He did it for a second time to prove that it’s not a one-off glitch.

Down in the comments, a member of the subreddit stated that the glitch/exploit can be done by just placing a wall and putting one’s back up against it. There are those who questioned this other strategy’s safety, though, there are some who pointed out that it could be a safer method to block a line of sight from getting third partied. At the time of writing, Epic has yet to comment on this new exploit.

Under the map...again

A similar glitch was also encountered by another Reddit user after using an emote. U/xsmith952 posted a clip showing the glitch in action where he phased under the map. Prior to the glitch, it’s noticeable that the roof of the house that he landed on in Salty Springs did not load properly, not to mention that it’s shaking frantically and the OP can’t even pickaxe his way through.

As mentioned, the glitch was triggered when he tried doing an emote and immediately went under the “Fortnite” game map.

Someone in the comments made a technical explanation as to why it happened. The player stated that since the textures of the structure haven’t loaded in, the OP’s client thinks it’s not solid and tried to let the OP fall.

He added that the server knows, however, that the OP cannot be there that’s why the OP keeps getting teleported back. The commenter also pointed out that the bug also happens on vehicles in “Fortnite,” though he stated that for some reason, it’s entirely client-side, hence, the server seems to does not intervene with a player’s location.

Meanwhile, Epic Games recently tweeted that they’ve already resolved an issue in “Fortnite” where the game’s loading screen either appears for a long period or at irregular times. They also stated that they’ve also fixed another bug where players were unable to access their inventory nor move around in the game.