Things are a bit stale in “Fortnite: Battle Royale” as updates in the game are pretty hard to come by these days, not to mention the bugs that are on the loose. It’s no wonder that massive Mixer streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has been seen on his stream about the issues he’s encountering including the current state of the battle royale shooter. With that in mind, one of his viewers called him a hypocrite for ranting about the game to which the pro fired back.

Ninja’s ‘Fortnite’ rant

Subscribers to his livestream are well aware of how the “Fortnite” pro has grown frustrated about the game after running into several bugs that hampered him from getting Victory Royale.

In his January 8 stream, Ninja can be seen trying to break into a structure to eliminate another player, but eventually failed after he got clapped by that opponent using a shotty.

Blevins can be heard saying, “I hate this game. I don’t understand how I can never take walls or floors first try, ever. I’m sitting there dude, I’m shooting to break it and replace it, I’m meleeing it to break it and replace it, I meleed it again to break and replace it, and then this guy just like, I just can’t, I just can’t compete!” He can also be heard asking, “What do I have to do?! Do I have to have zero ping to take a wall ever?”

He then turned to his chat and called out a viewer who criticized him calling him a hypocrite and stated that he’s doing what Dakotaz did.

Per his response, he explained that popping off in the heat of the moment is completely different from tweeting a negative opinion and not backing up what was being said. He went on pointing out that he just freaked out on the game, mentioned the stuff that he doesn’t like, and continued playing the BR shooter.

Not having fun

Just a couple of days prior to this, Ninja was playing with fellow streamer TimTheTatman when he encountered numerous instances of lag during the match. He can be seen freaking out while saying that “Fortnite” is falling apart. He added that Epic hasn’t updated their game and went on to say that it deteriorates whenever no updates being rolled out.

He then called the attention of Epic devs asking them to come home or at least send half of their guys back to the office. The final straw came when the two came across several teams that eventually got them eliminated.

Aside from the lags and wall issues that were encountered by Ninja, there are other ongoing bugs in the game like the “Star Wars” entries disappearing on some players and a recent issue where bus stops are not tracking correctly in the game’s Overtime Challenge. At the time of writing, the “Fortnite” community is still waiting for that one massive update to be rolled out by Epic.