Epic Games has always tried to make "Fortnite Battle Royale" fun and entertaining with frequent updates. During the first chapter of the popular video game, the developer released weekly updates, added new items, and made gameplay changes. However, it appears that even though each update adds something new to the game, it also breaks several components. This can allow players to gain advantages over others.

The v11.40 "Fortnite Battle Royale" patch, which was released on Wednesday, January 15, was the latest patch. It brought several new updates, such as Sidegrading and a Heavy Assault Rifle, but Epic Games also brought a few exploits back to the game.

Most recently, "Fortnite" players have found out that the ghost peeking exploit is back. This exploit allows players to be completely protected from enemy gunfire while damaging enemies at the same time.

Ghost peeking is back and it's very easy to use it

SypherPK is one of the most popular "Fortnite Battle Royale" players and he has recently talked about the ghost peeking exploit being back in the game. This exploit completely shields players from all enemy gunfire, and while it is impossible for enemies to hit you, you can deal massive damage to them. Epic Games had fixed this exploit in the past, but it's back once again and players will be able to use it for a limited time.

In order to use the exploit, players have to build a cone/pyramid and edit it into right-leaning cone.

This edit piece allows players to gain a right-hand advantage over their opponent, which is already a huge advantage. However, by doing a few extra steps, players can shield themselves completely from enemy gunfire. To do this, players need to crouch, then jump, fire, and crouch back quickly. It requires precise timing and practice, and you can see how to perform it by watching the video below.

The best way to perform the trick is to set custom keybinds for the three actions above. In the video, SypherPK used U, Y, and I keys for performing these actions, and he would press them quickly to damage an enemy and still stay protected from taking damage. The idea is to use the jump button to stand up, then use the fire button to shoot an enemy, and right after it, press the crouch button to hide behind the cone.

Potential fix

Recently, two "Fortnite Battle Royale" streamers have discovered that ziplines can be used to teleport players around the island. Shortly after this exploit became popular, Epic Games has disabled ziplines and is working on fixing them. We can expect the same for the ghost peeking exploit, so it might be gone very soon.