Destiny 2’s” ever-popular Exotic Fusion Rifle, the Telesto, seems to have a penchant for catching game-breaking glitches resulting in the game being temporarily disabled until a fix has been deployed. Season of Dawn has only just kicked off, but the weapon has been discovered to be glitched for the nth time where it gives Guardians an unlimited supply of special ammo.

Another Telesto glitch

The glitch is triggered by the Dawn Armor Mod known as Heavy Handed whose secondary perk states that while a player is being surrounded by multiple enemies, defeating an enemy with a fusion rifle, shotgun, sidearm, or a submachine gun adds ammo to that weapon to a player’s reserve.

The said perk will be active provided that another Arc mod is socketed into the armor piece.

For those who are new to “Destiny 2,” Telesto fires these explosive sticky projectiles rather than a beam of concentrated energy. This is where the fun begins. The above-mentioned Dawn Armor Mod is somewhat registering each of the weapon’s sticky projectiles as an eliminated enemy thus returning ammo per burst.

One of the game’s World First raiders – Ehroar also made a short clip talking about the glitch and even demonstrated how it’s done. According to him, players can also use any special weapon in the game. Once the ammo goes low, as long as there are still two or three shots, players can simply switch back to Telesto, shoot the ground using the weapon (with a couple of nearby enemies), Re-equip the special weapon, and enjoy a full stack of ammo.

Now that the new Telesto glitch is out in the open, it’s only a matter of time before Bungie notices it and rolls out a fix for this emerging issue.

Previous glitches/exploits involving the Exotic

As mentioned earlier, this is not the first time the Exotic got involved with game-breaking glitches. Guardians might recall the Blind Well activity back in “Forsaken” where its projectiles were used to progress faster in the game (fast completion glitch).

There’s also the so-called instant super glitch back in Season of the Undying that where the weapon is paired with another mod – the Ashes to Assets. This provided players with instant supers and was truly game-breaking at that time. It was so broken that Bungie temporarily disabled the weapon until they’ve devised a fix on the issue.


Meanwhile, Bungie just released the patch notes for “Destiny 2’s” hotfix where it detailed some of the bugs in the game that were already resolved by the developer. It’s noticeable, however, that the fix for the Exotic Combat Bow – the Wish-Ender is not yet included. For the uninitiated, the weapon is extremely overpowered right now in the game.