Destiny 2’s” Season of Dawn is just a few days away and game developer Bungie has already revealed the things that they’ll introduce in the game in a new roadmap. They also addressed other concerns that were brought to light by their community including PvP players wanting more content, “recycled” armor sets, and a suggestion involving ascendant shards.

‘Just want a little love’

Reddit user u/t_moneyzz made a lengthy post about PvP players wanting more content. The OP also pointed out that PvP folks aren’t asking for the mode to be the main focus of developers, adding that they just want a little.

Community Manager Dylan (Dmg) responded to this admitting that things are indeed slow. Further, he explained that they have to make sure to balance their resource allocation, internally, and not rush fixes or changes that could potentially break the gaming experience. He also clarified that he’s not downplaying the OP’s feedback in any way. He just wanted to point out that development takes time and they don’t want to rush things that could create more issues in the wild.

He also revealed that Bungie will be reintroducing Rusted Lands thus making Elimination available at all times. Dmg also stated that they will be doing some Sandbox work to refresh how the Crucible gameplay feels. There are also a few maps that will be making a comeback alongside some fixes to spawns and other issues, though he also noted that there’s a selection of maps that will be removed (Emperor’s Respite, Vostok, Firebase Echo, and Equinox).

On Trials’ return and armor sets

As for the Trials’ return, Dmg didn’t give any definite answer to this. Only the fact that Elimination is returning as a static mode that players can play anytime. He stated, however, that they’ve gathered feedback from Crucible Labs, over the last season, adding that they’ll continue to observe how the mode plays in Season of Dawn, as it will bring in several Sandbox tweaks.

The community manager also addressed another Reddit post as it tackled an Iron Banner armor set being recycled for the second time. The “Destiny 2” subreddit seems to agree with the OP as it gained a ton of upvotes from the community. Per Dmg’s response, he said that at “Shadowkeep’s” launch, Vanguard/Crucible featured “D2” launch sets that will be updated, later, to “Forsaken” sets in the upcoming season.

He went on to say that the “D2” launch IB will return alongside an Armor 2.0 functionality. Dmg also assured players that the feedback regarding armor vendor refreshes will be passed along the dev team. His response was not well-received by the player base which was apparent by the number of downvotes.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, Dmg revealed that there will be a ritual weapon on Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit in “Destiny 2’s” upcoming season. Season of Dawn will officially go live on Tuesday, December 10 and will run until March 9, 2020.