Bungie recently rolled out the Final Assault update for “Destiny 2’s” Vex Offensive game mode, though it is noticeable that the developer only made some minor tweaks to it. That said, Guardians who played it were pretty much displeased with the content and they took to the game’s social media channels to vent their frustration. To this, the game maker responded.


A post from Reddit user u/101perry is gaining traction as of late among “Destiny 2” players as he expressed his frustration about the Undying Mind being “underwhelming.” The OP further explained that the update is basically “the exact same thing” players have already been doing in the Vex Offensive, adding that the only difference is that Bungie changed the boss to a weaker Hydra.

He went on, stating that the VO update has no new rewards and doubts if he’ll ever go back again.

Community Manager Cozmo responded to the post and apologized to the “D2” community who find the Final Assault disappointing. He assured the player base that all feedback will be relayed to the dev team and encouraged them to sound off their other concerns about the game.

Players want more loot

Other members of the subreddit also pointed out “Destiny 2’s” loot drops. Down in the comments, one even stated that while Bungie is commendable in making good “D2” content, they are “terrible” at rewarding their players for that content. Some of the instances that were pointed out include the Garden-themed ship and Sparrow.

The player claims to have never dropped in both raid and Vex Offensive. The Red Keep was also mentioned as there is no strike specific drop (according to the player), not to mention the so-called Red Keep Sparrow can only be purchased in the Eververse. As for Cozmo’s response, he replied that they are well aware of these and made it clear that it is not something that they haven’t seen before as opposed to the player’s impression.

Dmg did the same thing on Bungie’s Forum page where he responded to a player’s request to make all of the forges in the game accessible all the time. Other players pretty much disagree with this pitch as they pointed out to the OP that such a setup would have a negative impact on the players.

This was seconded by the community manager as he explained that “having all forges collapsed into a single playlist helps matchmaking times.” He added that with all Guardians on a single node, they need not wait to be matchmade nor jump into the game alone. Dmg went on, stating that they’ll be gathering player feedback over how their Black Armory content in "Destiny 2" could be improved, including the OP’s other suggestion which is forge rotations.