Infinity Ward has recently published a couple of updates on its blog, revealing the content that will be added to "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" in its near future. The video game developer has received a lot of feedback from the community, and unfortunately, there has been a lot of negative feedback. However, the good news is that the latest patch has fixed some of the issues the game had, and players have also received new content!

As the "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" creator had revealed before the patch came out, a new weapon and additional loadout slots have come with it.

In addition to this, Infinity Ward has fixed a couple of bugs, including some of them the community has complained about. The game developer has posted patch notes on its official blog, and here are the most important things that have arrived with the latest update.

Crossbow has come to the game

Crossbow has been leaked by "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" dataminers a while ago, but Infinity Ward has decided to release it to the game with the January 22 update. “Visit the Marksman Rifles tab in the Loadout menu to find the Crossbow. You’ll have to complete a marksman rifle related to challenge in order to earn this bad bolt of a weapon," is what the game developer stated before the update, confirming the new weapon.

As the announcement states, not all of the players will get the weapon as it will have to be unlocked through special challenges.

This is a one-hit kill weapon, which means it will be very popular among players, especially those who can hit their shots on a constant basis. However, its slow fire rate will be the downside, so it's definitely not a weapon for every player.

Additional loadout slots

Many "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" players had been complaining about the game having only five loadout slots. Fortunately, Infinity Ward has listened to them and released five additional slots with the latest patch. This has been a highly-requested feature and considering that the game has so many different weapon options, it is not surprising that players have been asking for it.

The big problem in the game is that it does not have the Prestige system. This means that players are not able to unlock additional slots by leveling up, as they were able to do in many other games of the series.

Bug fixes

Player collision issue has also been something that has bothered "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" players. They would get blocked by their teammates, which started happening more often since the December 18 update. The community has made this clear and the video game developer has listened once again, releasing the player collision bug fix with the latest patch.

The protection radius for the Trophy system has also been fixed.