Respawn Entertainment has turned "Apex Legends" into one of the most popular Video Games of 2019. The video game is approaching its first anniversary and it appears that its developer will release the fourth season exactly one year after the initial release date, February 4. In the meantime, players are still in Season 3, and while the season has been extended, there is a lot of new content on the way.

"Apex Legends" players will have a unique opportunity to participate in the Grand Soirée arcade event which starts on January 14. This event is bringing new challenges, limited-time game modes, new cosmetic items, and other features.

Considering that the ending of the season is less than one month away, this is going to be a great event players can enjoy while waiting for the new season. Let's take a look at what's waiting for us next week!

The event is coming on Tuesday

"We are pleased to offer fresh game modes every two days, from golden oldies to exotic new additions. Partake in a rollicking event prize track, earn exquisite rewards, and peruse the event shop for an array of Art Deco-inspired cosmetics and outfits," is what Respawn Entertainment stated in the official announcement of the event. Brad Pettigrew, "Apex Legends" product manager, has given players more information about the event.

This is going to be a two-week event that will start on January 14 and end on January 28, one week before the release of Season 4 and the anniversary of "Apex Legends." Event prize track will be introduced with the event which will allow players to complete challenges to earn Arcade points and earn rewards during the event.

There will also be seven limited-time game modes that will rotate every two days.

Each limited-time game mode will have three challenges that are worth 1000 points. The more points "Apex Legends" players earn during the event, the more rewards they will get. In addition to it, there will be a special badge that players will receive for playing each of these modes.

The video game developer will also release bonus challenges on January 17. Completing these challenges will reward players with 500 points.

Limited-time game modes

Respawn Entertainment is going to release many new game modes during the duration of the "Apex Legends" event. Each limited-time game mode will last for two days and players will even have a chance to play the game in the third person mode!

Here is the list of all limited-time game modes that are coming in the order of their release:

  • Gold Rush Duos
  • Live. Die. Live.
  • Third-Person Mode
  • Always Be Closing
  • Armed And Dangerous on World's Edge
  • Kings Canyon After Dark
  • DUMMIEs Big Day