"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" players haven't been very satisfied with the game developer, Infinity Ward, and the interaction they have received. The popular video game was released in October 2019, and despite mostly positive feedback by the community, many players are disappointed with some aspects of the game. Infinity Ward hasn't communicated enough with the players, but things will hopefully change soon.

The "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" developer recently released a community update revealing content that would be added soon, and more changes.

The developer also added the Trello board to keep track of bug fixes and the features that are coming to the game. In addition to this, Infinity Ward has made it clear that the development team does listen to feedback from players, including feature suggestions, new game modes, and much more.

What's coming to the game

"The responses we’ve seen from the community have been absolutely incredible and we genuinely can’t thank you all enough for playing and for being this journey with us. Now that we’re fresh into 2020, we want to update you on a few things we’re working on," the community update stated. Infinity Ward also revealed info on several new things, that will be added to the game shortly, and players are looking forward to them.

Gunfight 3v3 mode is coming to "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" along with additional loadouts. Five loadouts simply aren't enough, and this is something both the players and the developer agree with. Besides this, there will be a gunfight tournament after the developer adds in new rewards and fixes some bugs. Finally, there will be more double XP, double weapon XP, and double tier events in the future!

The video game developer also revealed plans for weekly updates. There will be playlist updates every Tuesday while a development diary/behind the scenes blog will be released on Thursdays. Infinity Ward will also release more community update blogs on Fridays.

Bug fixes are coming as well

Thanks to the numerous reports from players, Infinity Ward is familiar with most of the bugs that are in the game.

Some of these bugs, such as the bug which allows players to hide inside walls or underground, make the video game unplayable. Fortunately, the game developer will fix these issues soon.

The lighting flickering issue will be fixed soon, as well as mission collision on containers on Cargo. Ground War out-of-bound exploit will also be fixed along with Platinum and Damascus camos glare while aiming down sights.

Players can check the progress on bugs, and their fixes, at the official "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" Trello board.