A few days ago, Mixer star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins tweeted something about the National Football League’s kickers that got the attention of many. It stirred quite the discussion around social media and caught the attention of top YouTuber PewDiePie as he called out the massive streamer in his recent upload.

‘Stop, get some help’

For those who don't already know, Ninja recently took to Twitter to talk about kickers in both college football and the NFL. Per his now-deleted tweet, he stated that he would never understand how the aforementioned teams allow kickers “that just miss.” He added that he “feels that there has to be pools of kickers in the USA that won’t miss simple kicks or snappers that won’t mess the snaps.” He went on to state that he would love to get other people’s opinions about it and he got a ton of those.

The one tweet that irked him, however, was a reply from a content creator, known as DuckyTheGamer, who hurled back a similar tweet saying something about “Fortnite” players missing shots. Ninja described how difficult the game was and even described the analogy as “horrible” and “kind of embarrassing.”

As mentioned, Pewds addressed this in a recent video in which he focused on Ninja’s response to Ducky, specifically, the last part of the tweet. The YouTuber asked why it would be embarrassing for a random stranger to tweet at him (Ninja) adding that “it’s like he’s projecting what he said as kind of embarrassing onto someone else" and, "he makes no sense at all.”

The leader of the now “19-year-old army” also said that Ninja has the potential to become the world’s greatest gamer, but he has to “stop trying so hard.” Further, Pewds said that Ninja could achieve such a goal “without shoving it into people’s faces.”

To be the world’s greatest gamer

Ninja recently sat down, with YouTuber True Geordie for one of his podcasts, at which point he revealed that he wants to be remembered as one of the world’s greatest gamer.

He further explained that he wants to become the likes of Hollywood superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and David Beckham adding that he wants to get so big that no one can talk sh*t to him anymore.

The streamer also brought to light the time when he announced his move to Mixer. He even called that person “the biggest douche” he’s ever seen in his entire life.

This made Twitch streamer Ali Larsen, a.k.a. Gross Gore, respond, over on Twitter, as he believes that he’s the one being talked about. He tweeted a 50-second clip alongside a message, directed at the "Fortnite" star, saying he should at least have the guts to say his name before the Mixer streamer tries to “sly diss” him again.