Luke Munday – who’s known by his Twitch moniker MrDeadMoth and also notorious for slapping his then-pregnant wife on stream over a game of “Fortnite,” is back on the headlines once again after escaping jail time. This after the gamer admitted to the above-mentioned deed and was later on convicted for domestic violence-related common assault.

‘Just a slap’ noted that the 27-year-old gamer was sentenced to just a 14-month good behavior bond after he was proven guilty of the said crime. Munday’s lawyer – Steven Mercael told the Picton Local Court that what his client did to his partner was “just a slap” adding that Munday is a “loving caring person with no history of domestic violence.” However, the statement was rebuked by the court’s magistrate Mark Douglass saying that he would not in any way accept the submission that it was just a slap in the face and went on stating that the court rejects such submission.

7 News Australia captured the moment Munday and his lawyer went out of the courthouse. As soon as the two were spotted by the media, the two were immediately rained downed with questions about his tap on the wrist sentence. A 7 News reporter can be heard asking, “just really just a slap?” Another reporter asked, “are you sorry for what you did Luke?” There is also one reporter who asked if he (Munday) considers himself a good man/good father. Albeit the barrage of questions, Munday remained silent.

A 9 News reporter then zeroed in on Mercael as she asked the lawyer about his “just a slap” remark adding what would it say to other victims of domestic violence in Australia. The only response they got was just a “thank you” from the lawyer as the two kept on walking.

He snapped, then he slapped

Munday pleaded guilty last September for slapping his partner Grace Campbell who was pregnant at that time. Viewers of Munday’s stream might recall way back in December of 2018 that Campbell can be heard calling Munday to dinner to which the latter refused as he was playing a game of “Fortnite.” The former grew frustrated, however, after calling Munday numerous times as she began hurling stuff at him.

To his annoyance, Munday stood up and slapped Campbell on the left side of her face and pinned her to the ground. Unfortunately, the incident was not captured during Munday’s livestream, though the sickening slap can be heard on the background as it was followed by a voice of a woman crying. also stated that the court learned that his now-former partner has been charged for the incident and both are now living separately. Douglass, on the other hand, considered putting the 'Fortnite' streamer behind bars as he further explained that his offense was “just below the mid-range of offending.”