'Fortnite' recently delved into its 10th season (dubbed Season X) as it ushered in numerous changes in the massive battle royale shooter. This may well seem to be overshadowed by Ninja’s big announcement as he revealed that he left Twitch and will soon carry on his livestream gig via Mixer.

Move to Mixer

The big reveal came when the now-former Twitch streamer uploaded a minute-long clip both on his Twitter and YouTube channel. Per the video, Ninja said that he’ll be exclusively streaming his gameplays through Mixer effective immediately. Further, he also said that such a big move “is a really good chance to get back in touch with his roots and remember why he fell in love with streaming in the first place.

He went on assuring his fans that the big switch will not affect his gameplay abilities adding that he’ll just exhibit it on a different platform.

Ninja tweeted another short clip where he said that he’s been holding it for quite some time and that he’s super excited to let everyone know about it. He added that he’ll be streaming full-time on Microsoft’s live stream service and went on to say that he’s at a loss for words.

Folks over at Mixer, on the other hand, were thrilled to have the streamer and his community to the platform. They went on stating that Mixer is a place that was built around being positive and welcoming from day one and they are now looking forward to the energy that both Ninja and his fans will be bringing in.

In a statement via The Verge, Twitch stated that they’re proud of the things that their former streamer has accomplished for himself, his family, and the gaming community.

The reaction

Known personalities both in the gaming scene and on the interwebs threw in their two cents about Ninja’s decision. OpTic Gaming’s Hector Rodriguez tweeted that Mixer is making moves adding that the streaming scene will get even more competitive.

100 Thieves’ founder Nadeshot also took to Twitter as he was mind blown about Ninja’s announcement. MrBeast – who has a penchant of donating huge amounts of money to streamers – tweeted that he might donate to Mixer streamers this time around.

There are some, however, who aren’t happy about the switch. Gross Gores’s short clip over on Twitter is as of late blowing up where he repeatedly said that Ninja’s a sellout.

They might leave too

The announcement was so much talked about that the YouTuber Scarce went out from a long hiatus and uploaded a video about it. The story also made it on Keemstar’s DramaAlert where the YouTuber said that another Twitch streamer might also go to Mixer.

In a recent “Call of Duty” stream, DrDisRespect was heard telling CouRage, “yeah, now I’m moving to Mixer, you know.” Keem, pointed out, though, that the Doc could be joking when he said that, but he imagined if everyone left Amazon’s live stream service for Mixer. He even hinted at the possibility of moving both his Friday Fortnite and Minecraft Monday streams on a different streaming platform and said that Twitch is not easy to work with and the company disliked him.

Ninja's first stream will be today, August 2 at 12 PM CST at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. According to Keem, he'll be playing alongside the Fortnite World Cup solos champion Bugha.