There have been streamers, in the past, that have done some awful stuff during their livestreams and they've suffered some harsh consequences. One streamer, in particular, has been getting a lot of backlash after being seen "biting and throwing" a child during a "Fortnite" livestream.

'Bite and throw'

Twitter user Vure89 (@vure89) recently took to Twitter to call Twitch’s attention to the streamer who goes by the handle TTV_MajesticUnicorn. The tweet contained a clip from the steamer in question that according to Vure shows her “bite and throw” her child while doing an eight-hour “Fortnite” marathon.

The biting part is pretty hard to tell, though it can be seen that the toddler has been tossed around several times which very disturbing to watch.

The post gained traction on social media and the streamer has been heavily criticized ever since. People over on Twitter even demanded for the streamer to be permanently banned from Twitch after what she did to the child. A lot of them even suggested reporting the incident to Child Services.

Majestic Unicorn, on the other hand, made a response to one furious Twitter user, though the tweet has since been deleted by the streamer. However, someone managed to take a screenshot of it and posted it over on Twitter.

Since Vure’s post has tagged both Twitch and its support team, it may well seem that the streaming platform heeded to the people’s call as the poster provided an update on Majestic Unicorn’s Twitch channel.

According to him, he confirmed that the streamer has been permanently banned from Twitch, adding that the information was relayed to him by the company’s community partnerships officer. Vure went on, stating that details of the incident have been passed to the authorities. At the time of writing, Majestic Unicorn has yet to address the accusations that were hurled at her including her recent ban from Twitch.

An infamous livestream fail

One of the most infamous livestream fails was with “Fortnite” player and streamer Luke Munday who’s also known through his Twitch handle MrDeadMoth.

The banned Twitch streamer made headlines all around the world late last year for slapping his then-pregnant wife during his stream.

Munday was tried in court and admitted to what he did with his wife. To people’s dismay, however, the streamer dodged jail time as he was just sentenced by the Picton Local Court to a 14-month good behavior bond. According to Munday’s lawyer – Steven Mercael – what his client did to his wife was “just a slap” and said that Munday was a “loving and caring person without any history of violence.” Such defense was strongly disapproved by court magistrate Mark Douglass where he said that he would not accept the submission that it was "just a slap".