Epic Games recently rolled out “Fortnite: Battle Royale’s” v11.30 where it reintroduced the Sneaky Snowman. That said, a new glitch has recently been discovered that allows players to have an unlimited supply of the new item.

How to do it

YouTuber Orange Guy – who’s known for his “Fortniteglitches and tricks demonstrated how it’s done on his recent upload. The trick in triggering the glitch is to have another item in the inventory that will be intentionally dropped and picked up. If his clip is anything to go by, one must move towards a Sneaky Snowman, once found.

Pick it up and drop an item from the inventory in its place. Equip the Snowman, pick up again the dropped item and throw the Snowman at the same time. The process will produce another Sneaky Snowman and players can throw it again as long as the above-mentioned are done.

Per Dexerto, the new glitch is situational, though it may come in handy when done right. Producing numerous Snowmen in a certain area and hiding in one of these will definitely confuse other players. Players who are playing squads can also use the item by launching a surprise attack on other teams as they walk through a suspicious number of Sneaky Snowmen.

Winterfest challenges

Meanwhile, details about “Fortnite’s” Winterfest celebration has been previously leaked and dataminers like HYPEX (@HYPEX) have dug up the event’s set of challenges.

From the image, it can be observed that there’s a challenge that is yet to be revealed at the time HYPEX posted the screenshot. It was, later on, found out that the said challenge will require players to destroy a Sneaky Snowman using a Lightsaber or a Pickaxe.

The BR shooter’s Winterfest event will go live today, December 17 and will run until January 6, 2020.

It is noticeable that there are a few items from last year’s Christmas-themed celebration that made it this year like the earlier mentioned Sneaky Snowman. What’s good about it is that players need not buy the Battle Pass to gain access to these challenges, so help yourselves, folks.

Summer Smash

Meanwhile, it may well seem that “Fortnite’s” the next Summer Smash event has just been confirmed if a Ticketmaster listing is anything to go by.

It was noted that it will be kicking off during Australia’s summer season and will take place in Melbourne Park in Victoria. It will be a two-day event that will run from Saturday, February 1 until February 2, 2020. Last year's Summer Smash featured players like X2Twins Jesse who won the competition's Solos event and another player - MrFreshAsian bagged the $50,000 at Smash's charity event. For the pros who want to take part in the Summer Smash charity pro-am, details about it will be rolled out at a later date.