Fortnite: Battle Royale’s” Winter Royale tournament has officially wrapped up and the winners from every region have been announced. However, there are pros who are crying foul as they revealed that the recently concluded tourney may have been plagued by what they call a point bug.

The ‘point bug’

According to ‘Fortnite’ YouTuber thatdenverguy, the said bug is likely to be triggered by finding a way to trick the game into thinking that a player’s points are low so that they will be matched with other low-point players. This will result in easy wins and a whole heap of elimination points.

The pros in question

With that in mind, the biggest accusation as of late according to the YouTuber was with the ‘Fortnite’ pros Innocents and Ajerss. Denver made it clear, however, that the two may be legit adding that the duo may either got lucky and rewarded for an issue that was caused by Epic Games or they may have figured a way to abuse the bug to get them matched against easier lobbies.

The YouTuber also pointed out some of the sketchy stuff that he discovered. One of them is that the ‘Fortnite’ pros in question were not able to stream their plays. Another thing that was highlighted was the deletion of some of their tweets linking them to the so-called points bug. Denver even showed a now-deleted tweet from Ajerss stating, “people complaining about a point bug when without the points we were seven points away starting 3 minutes late (because of the first game) so we most likely would’ve won anyway.

Also, a lot of teams got the bug and still didn’t win.”

Another “Fortnite” pro who goes by the handle Bhronos made several tweets about the duos’ alleged abuse of the point bug. In one of his tweets, he stated that the two were missing 20-30 points after every single session adding that he recalls Innocents tweeting out “missing x amount of points” in response to his tweets, though the tweet in question has since been deleted according to him.

In another tweet, Bhronos also pointed out another ‘Fortnite’ pro who according to him admitted to doing the glitch. He even posted a screenshot of the player’s conversation with another player, not to mention that his handle can be seen at the top left of the screenshot.

Other popular pros took to Twitter to call out the players who allegedly used the bug.

One of them is Kyle Jackson (a.k.a. Mongraal) who went on a rant as he plans of blocking all of them. Fellow pro player – Benjyfishy also tweeted asking if there is a way to know if the accused players intentionally abused the bug adding that he prays that they get banned if it’s proven that they did. At the time of writing, Epic has yet to address the said issue.