Fortnite: Battle Royale” has rolled out a plethora of content since its release a couple of years back. Now that the massive BR shooter delved into its second chapter back in October, its player base has mixed opinions about the game's current state. One of them is popular Twitch streamer Brett Hoffman a.k.a. Dakotaz who recently took to social media to express how he feels about the game. However, Mixer star, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins called him out in his recent stream that got Brett pretty much irked.

How it started

The exchange of tweets (and words) began when Dakotaz (DK to his fans) tweeted that “Fortnite is hot garbage right now.” Ninja took notice of the tweet and suggested to his fellow streamer to “play another game.” Blevins even tagged another massive streamer - Turner “Tfue” Tenney on the tweet.

Ninja continued calling out DK in his recent stream when he saw his response on Twitter stating that he could play other games, though other titles put him to sleep. Per Blevins’ response, he said that DK should stop sh*tting on the only game that he enjoys. He followed it up by saying that if it’s the only game that doesn’t put him (DK) to sleep and he thinks “Fortnite” is hot sh*t, DK should not talk sh*t about it to his entire audience. He can also be heard saying (probably replying to someone from chat), “you’re so f*cking stupid if you think this game is trash.”

Dakotaz' response

This rubbed Dakotaz the wrong way and he also answered back on his stream, telling Blevins to “stay on his lane.” He added, “if I got an opinion, I got an opinion, shut your mouth dude.” DK went on, saying that he’s going to say what he has to say and once again told Ninja to stay in his lane before asking someone to clip what he said and send it to the Mixer streamer.

DK even compared Ninja’s community to his, explaining that Blevins’ audience is easily influenced because they’re all nine-year-olds, unlike his community that according to him is “heavily all above 20-years-old.” Further, he said that whenever he says something, he’s not really influencing a lot with his audience since most of them are adults and free thinkers.

Back to Twitter, Blevins tweeted a short clip of himself addressing the things that he said to people who are negative about “Fortnite” and Video Games in general. He said that there are positive ways in expressing one’s opinion about a certain game especially if that title is the source of their income. He further explained that saying something bad about the game entirely will just have a negative impact on both the game and its player base. Dakotaz, on the other hand, replied telling him to “keep up the positivity."