Just as when everyone thought the drama between "Fortnite" streamers Ninja and Dakotaz was over, then this happened. For the uninitiated, the Ninja tweeted a screenshot showing that he just got blocked by the Dakotaz on Twitter and this has blown up over on social media. It got so bad that other online celebrities and content creators also joined the fray.


The beef between Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Brett “Dakotaz” Hoffman (DK to his fans) sparked anew as Blevins tweeted the above-mentioned alongside a Holiday greeting and it was followed with a sad-face emoji.

Hoffman, on the other hand, put out a tweet explaining why and stated that there are lots of opinions that have been happening on his Twitter, adding that he doesn’t need a snowflake sending his (Ninja) 12-year-old army on him every time he does not agree.

DK also talked about it on his recent “Fortnite” stream and explained again why he did that. He can also be heard saying, “not everybody’s gonna kiss your *ss buddy” and “next time you make a video about me, at me p*ssy. ‘til then, take a seat.”

On his stream, Ninja also addressed the issue at hand and responded to Dakotaz, roasting him calling him a "p*ssy." He said, “how vain do you have to be to think that I’m literally only talking about you.

I’m talking about everyone that does it. So many people do it. I’ve done it in the past, I’ve learned from that. That’s why I’m trying to talk about it now.”

Mrs. Blevins and others joined in


Blevins also made several responses over on Twitter about the current situation between her husband and DK. One of them was a response to DK’s tweet stating that he knows something, though he cannot expose it, adding that he just keeps it inside and laughs on his own. Per Jessica’s reply, she said that if DK’s referring to her husband, he has nothing to expose.

She ended it by requesting Dakotaz to stop with the drama.

Other well-known online celebs and content creators also hopped in with what’s happening between the two. Tfue’s girl – Corinna Kopf made a few tweets calling out Ninja, to which the Mixer streamer responded. Even Tfue himself made a tweet showing a photoshopped image of Ninja holding a pair of Hot Wheels kids’ shoes that also got responses from Ninja, Jessica, and Dakotaz.

DramaAlert host Keemstar also threw in his two cents about the two “Fortnite” streamers.

In his video tweet, he called out Ninja saying, “first of all, you are toxic, and you know you’re toxic, and you love being toxic. You’ve been your whole career.” He then pointed out the Mixer star’s business and brand that made him veer away from his old self and even commended Ninja’s advice to not hate on the game. He also said that unlike him (Ninja), Dakotaz and other streamers, they don’t have a multi-million-dollar brand like he does. He added that they cannot relate to what he’s saying albeit the fact that he’s right.