Fortnite: Battle Royale” has without a doubt grown to become a massive hit and has beaten every competition that emerged over the past years. That said, Epic Games Founder and CEO has recently hinted at something big happening in the game in a year’s time.

'In 12 months' tweet

Epic Games Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney was recently asked by Roundhill Investments’ Co-Founder Will Hershey over on Twitter as to whether he considers his battle royale shooter just a game or as a platform. Sweeney took notice of it and responded that “Fortnite” is a game, though he advised Hershey to ask him again the same question in "12 months."

Hershey tweeted that he’ll be asking the same question after a year, and thanked Sweeney for pushing the boundaries of gaming as an entertainment medium and believes that it’s just a scratch on the surface.

A Polish journalist, on the other hand, also tweeted out that kids are treating the game “as a meeting spot adding that it is “better than heartless social networks.”

The Epic Games CEO, however, had a different opinion on that – for now. Per his reply, Sweeney tweeted that he’ll “adhere to the 1990’s definition that something is a platform when the majority of content spend-time with is created by others.”

Sweeney’s tweet was not really noticed by many “Fortnite: BR” players, but those who stumbled upon his tweet were left musing as to what he’s hinting at. Some of the player base’s guesses include an open-world version of the game, its very own console, and even a VR iteration of it, though that last part seems to be a bad idea (imagine doing 90s on that setup).


A few months back, Sweeney sat down with BAFTA (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts) and he answered questions about Epic Games, virtual reality, and “Fortnite.” When asked by one of the folks as to what’s next with his game studio and the game, he responded by saying that they’ve been building more social features in the game in which he pointed out “FNBR’s” Creative Mode.

He also said, “I think we’ve started 10 different projects in parallel with this view that they’re all going to come together in the future and we’re going to see a future world of games where users are the primary creators of content.”

“Fortnite” is just a couple of years old with its battle royale mode released in September of 2017 yet, the game continues to rule over other games with a similar genre.

Dexerto noted that its player base has come to a point that it went beyond being just a typical gaming crowd. The website also highlighted big names like Drake that teamed up with Twitch turned Mixer streamer Ninja adding that other well-known celebrities have also made a streaming fanbase out of “Fortnite.”