One thing that separates "Fortnite Battle Royale" from other Video Games is live events. Epic Games, the developer of the popular free-to-play video game, releases events every once in a while, usually at least once per season, and players are able to watch them live in the game. While live events are not something new in video gaming, the frequency of such events is and players look forward to them every season.

Recently, Epic Games has collaborated with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Lucasfilm to bring an exclusive premiere of one scene from "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" to "Fortnite Battle Royale." The event was amazing and the game developer has used it to add more "Star Wars" content to the game, such as skins, emotes, and lightsabers.

Now, it turns out that Epic Games is preparing another live event in "Fortnite" and it is going to be released on December 31!

The New Year event

Epic Games had a special live event at the end of 2018 in "Fortnite Battle Royale" as well, so it's nothing new to the game. Last year's event was short as the disco ball appeared in the sky and forced all players to dance. At the end of the dance, there were fireworks that went off and revealed "2019" in the sky.

At the moment, it is unknown what exactly the "Fortnite" developer is going to do for the celebration of the new year, but players have spotted another disco ball that has already been added to the game. Reddit user NoVa_Iwarrior has spotted the ball floating above the island.

The Redditor has seen the ball in the replay mode and shared it with the rest of the community.

This is not the first time players have spotted something important related to the event through the replay mode. Back in Season 9, players spotted a monster swimming in the ocean and carrying a Polar Peak castle on its back. While some members of the community had believed this was simply a visual glitch, it turned out it was Cattus, the monster that was used in the season-ending event.

It could be big

A few weeks ago, Epic Games announced that Season 1 of Chapter 2 of "Fortnite Battle Royale" would be extended until February 2020. This was disappointing news for many players since the original ending date of the season was in December 2019, and the first season of Chapter 2 would have ended by 2020.

However, considering that the video game developer has drastically extended the season, we can expect the upcoming event to be big and to reward players.

We are hoping there will be some special challenges that will reward players with free cosmetic items at the end of the year. Last year's event was short and not very significant, but things might change as we enter 2020.