All seems to be running smoothly with “Destiny 2” until a couple of players discovered yet again another glitch in the game that allowed them to knock an enemy off the map. In line with this, a new exploit was also found as it involves the same glitch that allows players to step through walls.

The 'Pocket Finish'

JB3 (u/JewBoy300) first discovered what he calls the “pocket finish” where players can “pocket” their finisher to use it on a much-needed time. Sadly, though for Warlocks, this trick only works for Titans and Hunters according to JB. To replicate the glitch, players need to get an enemy to low on health (a point where you can finish them).

Next is to perform a melee, but not hitting the enemy just yet (this is the part that somewhat saves the finisher). The glitch will then be triggered if the player does another melee attack.

Sending huge bosses flying

What made it even more interesting is that it can literally send those huge raid bosses flying across the map provided that you hit their “sweet spot.” Just do the pocket finish glitch, run into whoever boss your dealing with, melee, and watch in awe as these bullet sponge bosses get yeeted. Another thing to remember, though, the only time a boss gets eliminated is when it falls down the bottomless pit. At the time of writing, both pocket and yeet glitches are still in the game, though it is pretty much certain that Bungie will take notice of it and roll out a hotfix on these.

Wall breach using the same glitch

The pocket glitch also paved the way for another wall breach glitch. To pass through walls, one must do the glitch, find and then melee a ledge, and eliminate yourself to respawn outside the map. JB3 pointed out these, however:

  • Players can’t carry a pocketed finish through a loading zone.
  • After performing a melee on a ledge, avoid touching the ground before eliminating yourself.
  • Players can’t respawn from where they finished if there are enemies nearby.
  • The pocketed finisher will disappear if the enemy from whom you pocketed gets eliminated.

In line with this, he also uploaded a new clip on his YouTube channel where he showed how to get inside the Scourge chest room using the new wall breach.

Unfortunately, there is no chest to unlock and all you can do is to snoop around.

An emote did it too

Destiny 2” players might recall a couple of years back that the emote known as the Bureaucratic Walk also allowed Guardians to get through walls. The emote was even made available through Eververse, though it was later on pulled out from Tess’s store after Bungie discovered what the emote could do. The bug has since then been fixed, though players had fun back then while it lasted.