Destiny 2’s” Festival of the Lost is about to come to a close, though Bungie hinted on their latest TWAB blog post that Eva Levante still got one more trick up her sleeve adding that it’s for Guardians to discover what it is. The developer also responded to other concerns in relation to the new blog which include the Recluse nerf and the Perfect Gambit triumph.

There are players over on the “Destiny” subreddit that got a bit confused about what was detailed in the recent changes that were made to the Recluse Pinnacle SMG. One of them is Reddit user u/Antivia who asked for some clarifications as to what the nerf to the weapon actually does add that the wording is “incredibly awkward” for him.

Aim for the head

Per Cozmo’s response, there will be a damage buff to both precision and body damage whenever it's Master of Arms perk procs. However, this will no longer make every shot count as precision.

Additionally, over on Twitter, Dmg tweeted the same thing stating that players can shoot at enemies, hit their bodies, and it will give both damage buff and critically provided that they aim for the head. He also noted on his other tweet that players will still get a damage buff (“flat percent” to his knowledge) adding that it will be pretty to understand once the change has been implemented.

For the uninitiated, Bungie revealed on the latest TWAB that they’ve tweaked the effects of the above-mentioned perk.

It was noted that they’ve removed its precision damage modifier and further explained that the weapon will still receive a damage bonus from the said perk.

However, “damage will not default to precision values when the perk activates.”

On Perfect Gambit

The community manager also assured players that the issue with the Perfect Gambit triumph will be fixed, though not within the game’s current season.

Cozmo went on stating that it “will work on how the description reads and no longer fail if someone dies.” Players were glad upon learning this, though there is one who raised his concerns about another triumph known as Embrace the Dark. According to the Reddit user, the previous changes done to how much the Primeval is healed per Guardian invasion kill made the healthy range “much narrower.”

Alongside the Recluse, a couple more “Destiny 2” gear have been revealed to receive some updates. One of them is the Titan’s One-Eyed Mask. Bungie noted that they’ve made a tweak to the helmet’s Vengeance perk where they took off the over shield that’s being triggered once players defeated an enemy that inflicted damage to them.

The Xenophage, on the other hand, was given a couple of buffs as the developer explained that they’ve unintentionally shipped the Exotic machine gun a little weak in “Destiny 2.” It was noted on the latest TWAB that they’ve given the weapon a 50 percent increase to its PvE damage. There’s also an increase in the ammo pulled from PvP crates (upped to 4/6 from 3/4) from shared and solo Heavy ammo crates respectively.