"Fortnite Battle Royale" has had a few big glitches with the start of Chapter 2. Epic Games has managed to make the game look and feel new and fresh, but there are still problems that have to be fixed before the game can be completely enjoyable for everyone. While the video game developer has fixed many issues since the new season came out, there are still some bugs that give players a big advantage over their enemies.

However, it appears that the "Fortnite Battle Royale" creator has no intention of fixing some of the bugs and might keep them in the game for a long time.

Many players are familiar with the "it's not a bug, it's a feature" meme, and this is precisely what Epic Games is doing with two exploits that completely negate fall damage. These tricks are very useful, especially for players who love building skybases or doing build battles high above the ground.

Using ziplines can completely negate fall damage

Ziplines were introduced to "Fortnite Battle Royale" with the initial patch of Season 7. Most of them can be found around hills and they allow players to quickly move around the map. When they were just released, ziplines were glitched and many players were dying by falling off them, which is why Epic Games has enabled the low-gravity mode as soon as players use a zipline.

In the first season of Chapter 2, players can use these mobility options to gain fall damage immunity for an entire game. In order to do this, it is necessary to find a zipline that goes over a river or a lake, such as the zipline northwest of Lazy Lake.

While using the zipline, players need to jump into the deep part of the water, and after they do it, they will be granted fall damage immunity.

In other words, they will retain the purple glow even after they jump off the zipline and leave the water. The immunity stops after players jump.

Bushes can be used for the trick as well

Epic Games has added a new type of bushes on Chapter 2 island. These bushes can be found in almost every part of the map and they can be used both for camping and for gaining fall damage immunity.

Keep in mind, only large bushes can be used for the trick.

To enable the no fall damage mode, players have to completely walk into a large bush. After this, they can build a ramp and go as high as they want, and they will take no fall damage. This trick can also be used for making quick skybases.

Falling into a bush negates fall damage

In addition to these two tricks, it is important to note that large bushes negate fall damage in another way. If a player who is falling downlands in a large bush, they will take no fall damage at all, regardless of whether or not they had previously used one of the two tricks.