"PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’” new season could be arriving real soon as data miners have stumbled upon some stuff in connection to Season 5. That said, a new clip has been making the rounds online as it featured what players can expect in the game. Also, PUBG Corporation confirmed a couple of things that will be included in the upcoming season.

PUBG’s Season 5 trailer

Reddit user u/alejandroobjio recently took to r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS to show what he stumbled upon. If his post is anything to go by, it contains a link to a YouTube video and it is believed to be “PUBG’s” intro for Season 5 dubbed “Badlands.”

The minute-long clip has the title “season autoplay film” where it showed several notable items that are likely to be rolled out when Season 5 goes live.

One of them is the Spike strip that was showcased early in the video. Another interesting thing that was spotted in the clip was the throwable ax/tomahawk (melee weapon throwing combat feature), though players are hoping for something that would rival the crossbow.

A race track in Miramar was also featured and this has been confirmed by “PUBG’s” Executive Producer TS Jang in a recent tweet. The said post also contained a link to the patch notes for the game’s 5.1 update (now live on the Test Server) for PC.

Per the patch notes, the race track known as the A LA Muerte Vamos track has been added into the game where players can speed through ramps, loops, jumps and even signboards. A gold Mirado was also part of the update as this can be located at the garage in Hacienda del Patron.

It was stated, however, that only one of this rare ride will spawn every match.

Loot increase in Miramar

Item spawn improvements were also included in the 5.1 update as the developer further explained that they’ve buffed the spawn rates of weapons and scopes effective at long-range. This is to compensate the long-range engagements within the map:

  • Scopes get an 18 percent increase
  • AR gets a 12 percent increase
  • DMR gets a 29 percent increase
  • Winchester 94 (Win94) gets a 30 percent increase
  • There’s also a slight increase in the spawn rates of bags, helmets, and vests

The only thing that got a decrease was the spawn rate of pistols that was trimmed down by 31 percent.

The Win94, on the other hand, has been confirmed to be getting a scope just like the VSS. It was pointed out, however, that players cannot remove it nor add a different scope to the rifle. Prior to the release of the game's 5.1 patch notes, Community Manager Hawkinz (@Hawkinz) already confirmed via Twitter that they’ll be increasing the loot in Miramar.

The patch notes also provided details about the return of "PUBG's" Survivor Pass that has new missions, improved systems, and new rewards. It also includes new community missions where players can join together to unlock Miramar's secret.