Brendan Greene, the man behind the battle royale game "PUBG," is leaving his current role at the studio. He's now taking on a role leading a new division within the studio, known as Special Projects division. Greene is leaving his post as his game is losing popularity.

The studio and Greene have not said much about what this new division will do. However, Greene did say that they will focus on new tech and videos in genres that have not been developed before. Greene is already working on potential ideas for his new division to focus on. As "PUBG" popularity is beginning to drop, it seems like the perfect time for Greene to step back and trying something different outside the battle royale scene.

Brendan Greene knows the industry

Games Industry interviewed Greene about this new opportunity. While he's leaving "PUBG" and the battle royale genre, Greene said the company and game can succeed without him. Greene shocked "PUBG" fans when he said that while the battle royale games are great, he has no plans for a "PUBG" sequel. He liked the genre but now wants to try a new genre. It's about connecting and delivering new experiences to players.

Greene has grown tired of the killing games, possibly hinting at focusing on less violent games. "PUBG" was the one that proved how popular the battle royale genre has become. "PUBG" started to decline as more player started playing "Fortnite," and "Apex Legends." These new games saw their popularity rise thanks to the framework that "PUBG" laid.

Special Projects Division appears to be moving away from violent driven games

This new division being led by Greene sounds like it has potential and is very intriguing. Greene has been given several years to put together its goals before being controlled by finances and deadlines. Whatever Greene decides to do with this new division, he'll be able to do it without being bogged down by finances and deadlines.

Greene's future projects are definitely going to be something to watch.

The man behind one of the most popular games of the past few years deserves our respect. However, we can't say for certain whether he can find success another time. With the talent and resources he has at his disposal, the only thing holding him back is the mind of a developer who has already shown his abilities.

Fans now have to wait and see what comes out of this new division. Greene will stay on as a consultant with"PUBG," but now development will be led by Taeseok Jang. Greene will relocate to Amsterdam to work on this new division. Other Video Games are grabbing onto the battle royale game with new modes, such as "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4." "PUBG" is still being developed and is now set to release a PC version.