This story broke out like wildfire as a Twitch streamer known as MrDeadMoth was seen in his recent stream doing some terrible stuff to both his wife (who is said to be pregnant) and kid. This caused outrage among those who saw the clip including the ones in the gaming community. However, there are some who pointed out that there were other things that happened prior to the now viral clip.

The part of MrDeadMoth’s stream that got uploaded shows him playing a game of “Fortnite” BR. Per Dexerto, he has been playing the game for quite a while when her wife/partner asked him to stop.

This got him furious as he can be seen standing and going towards her wife and from the very disturbing sound that followed, it is pretty much certain that he slapped her in the face. Though off cam, it can be heard that his wife was crying afterwards. There was another two-minute clip showing what happened next as more shouting and screams can be heard coming from both of the streamer’s wife and kid.

Something’s missing here

As mentioned, there are some folks who pointed out that there’s a lot more that happened prior to this horrible incident. One of them is the YouTuber HX who noticed how the clip began.

He also took notice on how the streamer acted on camera as if he’s dodging something that was thrown at him.

He then showed what he called the full clip of the incident. Turns out, DeadMoth’s wife seems to be throwing things at him to either call his attention or make him stop streaming. There was even a part in the video where he can be heard saying “I’ll start throwing sh*t back at you, see how you like it." Then came the part where it is visible on camera the cardboard box that was flung towards him.

Both parents are at fault

He then called out the uploader of the video – a fellow YouTuber named MrPowerHD for “manipulating the video adding that the majority of people especially on Reddit are taking and running off on how the video is.” PowerHD, on the other hand, apologized and explained where he got the clip from to which HX also admitted that he too made a lapse of judgment by going at him the way he did.

HX further explained in his video that it’s both parties are at fault in this terrible situation and went on stating that it’s very unhealthy for a child to see both his/her parents fight.

MrDeadMoth has been apprehended by authorities, though, he initially resisted arrest. As for the wife, all of the charges were dropped.