Since “Fortnite: Battle Royale” turned its page to a new chapter, players have noticed that its developer – Epic Games has gone silent when it comes to rolling out patch notes. The community is somewhat left in the dark about the changes that were made in the game. However, there are still few who took it to themselves to see what’s going on in the BR shooter.

Shadow tweaks

A Reddit user – u/Tornorr - recently took to r/FortNiteBR to reveal what he discovered upon running some tests. If the OP’s post is anything to go by, it may well seem that Epic did some tweaks on the reload time of some weapons in the game.

According to the infographic that he posted, u/Tornorr claims that 14 of these weapons’ reload times have been updated. The game’s assault rifles (up to its purple rarity) got an increase where the purple version of the SCAR was upped by five percent (it looks like the gold ones reload time remained the same).

Pump Shotguns (from common to rare) got a 12, nine, and four percent increase respectively. The gold Pump, on the other hand, got a five percent decrease.

The most interesting part of the infographic came with the SMGs. Both common and uncommon renders were buffed while both purple and gold variants got a 10 and 15 percent increase. Dexerto also covered the story and even described it as an oddity.

They also noted that it seems “counter-intuitive” for the developer to make the lower rarities receive a buffed reload time that the purple and gold SMGs. The website went on stating that such an update has caught the ire of a lot of players as most of them are confused as to why Epic Games has gone silent in “Fortnite’s” updates.

Previous weapon balances that got discovered

Over a week ago, the same Reddit user posted another infographic detailing the weapon balance changes in update V11.00. Per the image, the first three rarities of the pistol got a four percent damage buff, not to mention that the common version also received a seven percent buff on its reload time.

Shotties, on the other hand, got its damage stats nerfed. It is green, blue, and purple versions received a 16, 10, and five percent damage decrease respectively.

As for the rocket launchers, both of its rare and epic iterations have their damage stats also trimmed down. There was a nine percent cut on the blue, while one percent was taken away from the purple. The gold got buffed though by up to eight percent.

The Harpoon Gun was also introduced in “Fortnite” a few days ago. This short-ranged weapon can deal a decent amount of damage (75 per hit) and can even pull opponents/teammates closer. Players can even use it to fish out items in bodies of water.