The “Fortnite” community is pretty much aware by now about what happened to FaZe Jarvis. For those who are still not in the loop, the FaZe Clan member was permanently banned from playing the game and has recently uploaded a video where he apologized to both his fans and Epic Games. That said, the BR shooter’s player base is pretty much split about the situation and a lot of them have already thrown in the two cents over on social media.

One of the first to react to this debacle was, of course, Jarvis’ big bro FaZe Kay who tweeted (alongside his brother’s video) that he can’t even describe how upset his little bro is.

Another team member – FaZe Blaze also tweeted in support of the banned teammate stating that his Lil homie doesn’t deserve any of it alongside the hashtag “freejarvis.”

The ‘Fortnite’ pros’ take

Other popular “Fortnite” pros/content creators have also expressed their opinions about the situation. When asked about his thoughts about Jarvis, Mixer streamer Ninja said that it was a stupid decision adding that such action was not fully thought of. He pointed out, however, that the aimbotting was done in a non-tournament setting and went on to say that Epic should have just slapped the young “FNBR” player with at least a six-month ban in competitive.

Dakotaz, on the other hand, took to Twitter to somewhat remind the “Fortnite” community that Jarvis is still a kid that makes mistakes.

He added that life is all about learning and growing from it. A similar sentiment was also tweeted out by Nate Hill adding that it’s indeed a painful fact that everything the teen built over the years has been taken away in an instant.

Survey says

The YouTuber thatdenverguy made a poll over on Twitter asking “Fortnite” players as to whether the young pro should be permanently banned.

The final results revealed that 43 percent of the respondents are in favor that the FaZe clan member should be banned, but not permanently. Those who voted for the lifetime ban fell three percent short.

Permaban should stay

Another YouTuber – Kavos got a different stance about the incident.

In his tweet, he stated that Jarvis is well-aware of the rules adding that he can’t just expect to be exempted from it just because he’s popular. He went on to state that he can’t just fathom that a pro wouldn’t know how much it would screw him if he cheats.

Dataminer Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks (@FNBRLeaks) also made a series of tweets detailing as to why Jarvis does not deserve to get unbanned. He pointed out that the teen created an alternate account when he did the hack so that his main account won’t get banned. He further explained that players should agree to Epic’s EULA and TOS before playing the BR shooter.

As for what XXiF and Ronaldo did, he stated that it’s an entirely different thing where the two were caught teaming during the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers to get free kills. In the end, he tweeted that whether it is for content or not, hacking is still hacking.