"Fortnite Battle Royale" players have been finding numerous glitches in the past few weeks. While Epic Games has managed to make the video game feel fresh and new with the Chapter 2 update, it seems that players have never had more game-breaking bugs with the game than they do now. Earlier in the seasons, players had found the invincibility glitch which allowed them to get easy victories with no effort.

Another glitch was the fall damage invincibility, and players have also found a way to make their walls invisible while receiving protection from them.

The latest in-game bug allows players to carry more than five items in their inventory, which gives them a massive advantage over their opponents. Players can get an extra inventory slot by using a simple trick that involves a new Chapter 2 vehicle, the motorboat.

The glitch for another slot is simple

Many "Fortnite Battle Royale" players have been asking Epic Games to add an additional slot to the game. At the moment, players can carry up to five items in their inventory and they also have a special slot for traps. However, the glitch allows players to carry up to six regular items in the inventory, and of course, the trap slot is still available.

To use this trick, players have to find a motorboat on the island.

Many motorboats can be found around rivers and lakes, but a lot of players use them on the ground as well thanks to the boost mode. With a full inventory, a player has to drive a boat next to the item they want to add to the inventory and move to the passenger seat. After this, players need to press the pick-up button and move to the driver's seat at the same time.

After performing the two simple steps, players will drop another item from their inventory to the ground, and they will need to leave the boat to pick it up again. When the item is picked up, players will have six items in the inventory, even though the game will only show five of them due to the design of the interface. This can be solved easily by dropping the item that you had initially picked up at which time another item will appear under it.

Fix might be on its way

Considering that this glitch allows "Fortnite Battle Royale" players to gain a massive advantage over their opponents, we can expect Epic Games to release a fix for it very soon. Players might get another update on Wednesday, November 27, and the fix might come with it.

In the meantime, many players will use this trick to their advantage and carry four weapons and two healing items, or a similar combination of items, in their inventories. We are hoping the bug fix will be released in the upcoming "Fortnite" update or that the game developer simply enables a sixth inventory slot.